Cocker Spaniels can howl for many reasons. © 2020 Wag Labs, Inc. All rights reserved. She refuses to bark to be let out or let back in. All of our dogs have been great dogs, but my Cocker Spaniel … Start having your assistant approach the house while your dog is behind the door. We asked our vet if she was de-barked and he said absolutely not. When your dog starts barking, ignore him and talk to your fake delivery”person. Trigger your dog's barking by having an assistant posing as delivery person approach the door, or by ringing the doorbell, or any other trigger that causes your dog to bark. If your dog barks, ignore him and wait, don't repeat the command while your dog is barking, have your fake delivery person wait patiently. Bark. When your dog starts to bark, give the command to 'look at me'. She's not aggressive just 'insistently playful' if you get my drift. < ==== Click to read my article on the topic. This breaks the cycle and changes the situation. My parents' springer barked a lot. The Cocker Spaniel Club, parent club of the breed in the UK, offering advice and information to Cocker Spaniel owners and covering Club activities including Shows, Field Trials, Cocker Spaniel Rescue service ... Cockers will soon learn to bark when someone comes to the door. Is this … Hardly Any Hair!! Step 1. Getting your Cocker Spaniel to stop barking at delivery people, after a brief alert that someone has approached, will require consistency and dedication. My Dog Doesn’t Bark By AKC Staff. My dog doesn't bark..... (Shar-Pei, vet, spaniel) User Name: Remember Me: Password : ... We had a sweet as sugar Cocker Spaniel rescue that we adopted at age 11. Repeat several times with different assistants over several days until your dog learns that a delivery person means “look at me” and that he will get a reward for performing that behavior instead of barking. A Cocker Spaniel named Captain was first registered with the National American Kennel Club. 5 Grooming and bathing your Cocker. Why does my Merry Cocker Woker bark? scratch; Ask AKC . "She doesn't normally bark, so I checked live surveillance from my phone and saw her staring something down and circling it." By meeting outside, you break the cycle of your dog barking from behind a door or window which breaks the cycle and mitigates the behavior. iy_2021; im_01; id_07; ih_16; imh_14; i_epoch:1610064883288, py_2020; pm_12; pd_13; ph_22; pmh_59; p_epoch:1607929152910, link-block-publisher; link-block-publisher_link-block-publisher; bodystr, pn_tstr:Sun Dec 13 22:59:12 PST 2020; pn_epoch:1607929152910. — Knock Knock Dear Knock: Since your dog is smart enough to go to the same place and repeat a behavior that gets her the same desired response she needs — open the door to go potty — your training is already half done. You ultimately want your Cocker Spaniel to respond to your command to stop barking once you have been alerted. Eventually, you can move the bells next to the door so she will no longer scratch or damage it. Here is how you can stop you Cocker Spaniel to bark less; Train barking on commands. Rolo in an English Cocker Spaniel with quite the Instagram following. © The American Kennel Club, Inc. 2020. The fact is, dogs bark to protect you and their property, which is natural. AKC actively advocates for responsible dog ownership and is dedicated to advancing dog sports. Change up assistants if possible so your dog does not always associate “deliveries” with one person. Teach your dog to sit and look at you when you command him to do so. They can change their barks depending on their emotional level and what they're trying to say. How to Train Your Cocker Spaniel Dog to Not Bark at Delivery People. Her foster family said she never barked (they had her for a year...hard to adopt-out dogs that age). It's their warning or their reply to a situation. American Cocker Spaniels in UK and USA/Canada surveys had a median lifespan of about 10-11 years, which is on the low end of the typical range for purebred dogs, and 1-2 years less than other breeds of their size. Next, take her off the leash and see if she repeats the behavior to go out on her own. Cockers are notorious barkers. was in 1885. Founded in 1884, the AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health, and training information for dogs. Cockers are rambunctious into their adult lives, and always ready for any opportunity to play. Cocker Spaniels bark a lot because their bark is their natural response. Jingle Bells I suggest you get a set of three jingle bells on a long string and hang them over where she currently scratches at the door. This Cocker Spaniel’s daily adventures in England have amassed Rolo a fanbase of over 44,000. It has been proven that a Cocker Spaniel, like most dogs, will opt to howl rather than bark because the noise of a howl can travel much further than a bark. I have owned many different breeds, 1 Chocolate Lab, 1 Fox Hound, 1 Cocker Spaniel, 1 Black Lab, 1 Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Rottweiler mix, 2 Mini Schnauzers and currently my husband and I own 3 American Pit Bull Terriers. Many owners have reported success with hanging a little wind chime or set of jingle bells from the door handle or on the doorframe at the dog’s level. Open the door and have the fake delivery person provide a treat, only when your dog is quiet. They will howl as a form of communication. Thankfully she doesn't bark (EVER). “Oh, Pumpkin just loves petting, don’t you, Pumpkin?” Martha said, patting her Cocker Spaniel on top of his head as he tried to investigate the office. Cocker Spaniels can be high strung, vocal dogs, so your Cocker Spaniel is particularly prone to develop a habit of barking at delivery people. Essential info about dog health, training, sports and more. Take your dog outside. I Love Cocker Spaniels. Each time you have her paw at the bell just before you take her out praise her and say “Good Bell” or some new word to identify the new behavior and give her a treat. It’s their warning or their reply to a situation. When a delivery person approaches the door, give the command for quiet after your dog has let out a few barks. Somebody knocking on the front door, ringing the doorbell, the telephone ringing or other similar noises are all things that can set a Cocker Spaniel off barking. 4 Cocker spaniel anal glands. 7 Conclusion. 2 My Cocker spaniel has bad breath. Referred to in the UK simply as the Cocker Spaniel or ‘Cocker’, in the USA this charming breed is known as the English Cocker Spaniel. Even senior Cocker Spaniels have that puppylike spark in their eyes. The Furminator is a grooming tool you either like or don’t like. Have treats ready to reinforce positive behavior. Wait until your dog stops barking and complies. Jump to. OK, seriously, the American Cockers are smaller than English Cockers, and have a shorter snout. You can reinforce this behavior with a 'look at me' command and clicker training. This breed doesn't tolerate being left alone. Your kids are never bored. Sections of this page. I grew up with Cocker Spaniels, to be honest they are pretty much the only dogs I’ve ever known. LOL. Working with a young dog is the easiest, as they will not have had time to develop a barking habit yet, which may be hard to break. He was imported from New Hampshire by the Commings Cocker Spaniel Kennel. Do not raise your voice for the 'quiet' command. Most dogs mature as they get older, and slow down each year. Just … My first Cocker Spaniel was a puppy mill rescue dog named Brandy Noel. 2.1 Dealing with dog bad breath. Average: The English Cocker Spaniel barks occasionally. When a delivery person comes to the door, Lana’s Cocker Spaniel starts barking. Breaking this habit is going to require some ingenuity. Another register Cocker named Brush II. Feed your puppy a high-quality dry puppy food until he is 1 year old. How do I stop my Cocker Spaniel shedding. Well, assuming she's never had her voice box removed (and I so hope that she hasn't)... consider it a blessing! Why do Cockers get smelly? Repeat frequently over several days in different situations until you can command 'speak' and 'quiet' with no trigger present. The English Cocker Spaniel is friendly, active, and intelligent. Cocker Spaniels can be high strung, vocal dogs, so your Cocker Spaniel is particularly prone to develop a habit of barking at delivery people. She's sooooo food obsessed and is underfoot anytime I'm in the kitchen, follows me everywhere (even when we lived in a studio apartment in Korea). She doesn't really bark at all, just once that I can recall but she will whine if she needs to go outside or if she's feeling neglected/ignored. Teaching your Cocker Spaniel to bark on command is, ironically, useful for teaching him not to bark, as it teaches him that barking is something you do when asked and stop doing when asked. Answer a few simple questions and find the right dog for you, Compare up to 5 different breeds side by side, Browse the AKC Marketplace to find the right puppy for you, Browse our extensive library of dog names for inspiration, Find out the best and worst foods for your dog and which to avoid. 3.1 Curing spaniel ear problems. She was a pretty nervous dog. My springer hardly barks. Rolo’s favourite pastimes include being a sniff chaser, treat muncher and meeting people. Human children can barely keep up with an active Cocker Spaniel. My 6 year old springer spaniel will not sleep all night, he wants to go out and investigate what ever is going on in the - Answered by a verified Dog Specialist We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Each has a different bark. The larger English Cocker Spaniel typically lives about a year longer than the American Cocker Spaniel. His color was liver-white. When told to stop he will move onto … 18 Month-Old Cocker Spaniel Doesn't Always Eat We have an 18-month old male cocker spaniel and he goes through periods when he just won't eat - he can go without food for 2 - 3 days sometimes. Older dogs can also be taught to be quiet when delivery people approach the house, but training may require more time and consistency. Most cocker spaniels will not bark excessively, even when they sense a stranger is within their territory. Not a true Cocker Spaniel! My sample size is small (2 springers) but I think it is highly variable based on training and the dog's personality. That makes them an excellent addition for families who live in a smaller space, such as an apartment or condominium. If you ever see a dog that looks like a big Cocker with a goofy long nose, you're probably looking at an English Cocker. Do English Cocker Spaniel dogs bark a lot? Find a quiet environment free of distractions. The fact is, dogs bark to protect you and their property, which is natural. All rights reserved. She's 15 now, but in the first five years I had her I spent over $10,000 on various medical issues she had. From my personal experience, it is not as effective as the Mars Coat King. If this sounds like your cocker spaniel, you're not alone. This is to differentiate between him and his cousin the American Cocker Spaniel, who is a very different dog.. An English Cocker Spaniel doesn't go potty, he uses the loo. Have an assistant play the delivery person at a prearranged time so you are prepared. However, her little dog’s behavior soon became out of control, with hysterical barking that does not stop until long after the delivery person has left. A stranger approaches your dog's territory, your dog barks, the stranger leaves, your Cocker Spaniel wins! Find a barking stimulus. With a little extra attention on your part making the transition to another alternative should be simple. It is almost the job of a spaniel to get dirty and smelly. She lost her hearing later in life and her barking really ratcheted up. Cocker Spaniel Temperament, Lifespan, Grooming, Training, Personality, Behaviour and Health Advice. Each time she goes to scratch she will inadvertently ring the bells. Play time? Give the 'speak' command, followed by the 'quiet' command. Take him out for long walks. … Block the area in front of your door or window off, wherever your dog usually stands and barks at delivery people, so that your dog can no longer go to that area to bark. 2) What made you get a Cocker Spaniel? In 1881, two men formed the American Spaniel Club. Nonprofit Organization. However, when barking becomes out of control or your dog does not respond to commands to stop barking, you have a problem. Very much a big dog in a compact package. Michael calls Stormy "The Brapper" his bark sounds like a brap! Then reward your dog for stopping his barking. My Dog Doesn’t Bark; Back To Common Behavior Issues. Tunie doesn't bark, she doesn't go outside to invistigate like my boys. At first, Lana thought this was good; her dog was warning her when someone approached the door. If so, reward big time. If your Cocker Spaniel continues barking, wait for him to stop barking, repeat the 'quiet' command and then reward. Having an assistant play the delivery person will be extremely useful so that you can control the situation and be prepared to direct your dog. Repeat 1, 2, and 3 several times. Bark. This will cause him to stop barking to get the treat. Repeat until established. Pumpkin’s guardian had come to me for some advice about behavioral issues, and was clearly a woman who loved her dog as we all, human or dog, would like to be loved. The reason this behavior can be difficult to eradicate is that the behavior is self-rewarding. Very 'play now play now play now'. I have a working English cocker spaniel and she's great. It was probably a combo of lack of training and her personality. We bred a few litters too when I was younger! Download for tips on how to be the best dog owner you can be. We’ve been unable to teach her to “speak”. When she goes to scratch the first time she will ring the bells too. Some breed just don't bark as much as others. Repeat frequently over several days. She was clingy, loving, adorable, and … Their flat, silky coats come in a variety of colours: black, white, tan or brown, or a … From the moment I was born, I was around Cockers, my parents even bought me my own, Amber, when I was 8 years old. Lana does not mind her dog barking a few times to warn her someone is approaching, she just wants the deranged barking to cease, and for her little Cocker Spaniel to be quiet when she directs her to stop barking. Fortunately, there are several successful strategies for getting your Cocker Spaniel to stop barking at delivery people. Cocker Spaniels are very happy dogs, always keen to learn and please their owners, which makes them easy to train. When your dog stops barking, wait a few seconds then give him the treat. When your dog stops barking, even for a moment, have your assistant delivery person give your dog a treat. Give him a treat after he stops barking. Instead, she scratches at the door. Cocker Spaniel Rescue Australia Inc. 3 Cocker spaniel ears. Charity Organization. Do you have any suggestions? If you rely on actual delivery people to trigger the unwanted behavior, you may be caught unprepared or stressed out trying to teach your dog and deal with a delivery at the same time. Bathe and brush your cocker spaniel every week or two to remove dirt and mats from the coat. Dear AKC: We have a 14-month-old German Shepherd. Cocker Spaniel. This e-book is a great resource for anyone who's considering dog ownership or already owns a dog. He is a beautiful dog but occasionally will react to a visitor to my home or my Mum’s home and give them a reactive bite. Avoid punishing or yelling at your barking Cocker Spaniel, as this only creates excitement and tension and gives him attention for his barking behavior (even if it is negative), which generally escalates the behavior. This can be someone knocking on the door or any other trigger. Barking . As for outside you can try the same process with more bells so you can hear them from inside the house. Many factors, including breed, attention, exercise and possible previous trauma, will affect a puppy's vocalization. You will never be able to completely stop a Cocker Spaniel. Pet. Reward your dog. Teaching behaviors that are incompatible with barking and creating a positive association with delivery people, so that your Cocker Spaniel learns that your delivery person is not there to axe murder the whole family, are also useful strategies. Make a big deal out of this new behavior, tell her “good bell, give her a treat and open the door to take her outside. The boys will run screaming from the cabin, sail through the doggy door and just bark up a storm. Shouldn't be too much to ask right? My 3 year old Cocker spaniel is driving me around the twist, she has always been highly spirited and tough to train but she has the basics nailed and behaves superbly if we are in a situation anywhere similar to any kind of shooting, but at home she is a pain and has got worse in lockdown. ... Angels Under Our Wings Cocker Spaniel Rescue. 6. How to Care for a Cocker Spaniel Buy your puppy from a responsible breed rather than a pet store. Why Does My Cocker Spaniel Howl? Their names are Clinton Wilmerding and James Watson. Have a friend approach dressed as a delivery person and carrying a bag or packages like a delivery person would. If your assistant can come dressed similar to a mail or delivery person and carry packages, that is even better for simulating the actual situation. Practice this behavior in the house and outside where distractions are present until well established. They have trained their dogs to ring the bells when they want to go out rather than bark. If you're slowly going insane because of it, you might need to start some training to change the "bark response." Wondering if a Cocker Spaniel is right for you? I have also found the blades can cut the guard coat and doesn’t leave such a nice finish and shine. When your dog barks, say “speak”, then provide a good smelly treat held in front of his nose. Then I would put a leash on her and go through the new behavior you want helping her hit the bells with her paw (or nose) rather than scratching the door. Cocker Spaniels bark a lot because their bark is their natural response. Cocker Spaniel Parents Bark Back About Cuddling A Cocker . When your dog pauses barking, repeat the command “look at me”, continue until you get compliance, then reward. Once visitors come inside however, they are usually treated as friends. If your dog is barking, ignore him, wait patiently for quiet, then have your delivery person give a reward. I would do this for several days on leash each time she goes out to potty. However, when barking becomes out of control or your dog does not respond to commands to stop barking, you have a problem. Harry is our 5 year old American Cocker Spaniel. The sound of many yapping puppy voices, raised in a symphony the likes of a canine Handel's "Messiah," can be deafening, but what if your puppy doesn't bark? Wait for him to bark and say the “bark” and wait for him to stop barking. May 12, 2015 | 2 Minutes May 12, 2015 | 2 Minutes . 6 Bathing products for your dog. Leash train your cocker spaniel, and keep him on a leash whenever he is outdoors.