You would use a circuit tester like # 40376 to probe the wires and connect to the one that only shows power when the brake pedal is pressed and not when the headlights or turn signals are on. Advance Truck Parts 2035006C2 International Pressure Air Brake Switch Navistar. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 2) Do the brake lights work? so, ck the bulbs and grounds at tail/brake lights first. 9 times out of ten, it is a bad ground on a rear brake/parking light, or a bad brakelight bulb. 300+ Posts. Easy fix (if that is the problem), part was about $15, and takes 15 minutes tops to change. October, 2010 DuraStar® Seri es — Medium Conventional B ody Builder Diagrams (CT-471) DuraStar ® SERIES – 150 – ALL MODELS Brake Restrictions Safety Measures Should it be necessary to modify the braking system, for example in connection with a … 2006 international 4300 dt466 brake pressure light and buzzer get going off. All electrical checked out. Posted - 04/30/2012 : 11:56:28 AM . Hi my 05 4300 we just replaced all the brake lines, now trying to bleed and get nothing at the r/f caliper. I am not well versed in the LED units but if it worked for a year, it's not in the design, but maybe a bad unit or ground. Just went out to use my 05 international flatbed and I noticed that my brake pressure switch was lite up on the dash. I posted part of what follows a while back. TSI–5–12–30 8 You must log in or register to reply here. Easily find what you need from 2,158,121 parts available. the brake switch … read more But since it doesn't see the voltage coming from the pedal to the brake booster at the same time, it thinks there is a problem. Try duplicating your problem with the parking lights off and see if it doesn't fix the problem. the brake switch … The brake pressure light is on. Should be 3 small relays upper left. Tag #: 2772181 hydro boost assy hydro boost assy : 209-466-7021. Senior Member. Followed it back to ABS unit and it is dry there as well. Hope this might help. Harrison Fire This is a bus that my church has; it's been a decent bus, but not without its own share of glitches- mostly electronic related. I have a 2010 International 4300 that I have in the shop, The PTO switch just flashes when turned on, No PTO Engagement and Also no Parking Brake Light on Dash, I cannot find any information on line and do not have an access to diagrams, any help would be appreciated, thanks 2005 INTERNATIONAL 4300 BRAKE AND ABS MODULE P/N: 5010168-R00, 12218776. But if it has regular hydraulic brakes then the switch should be located above the brake pedal. Maybe someone can help me with this gremlin! I unplugged the two sensors on the master and it still stays on. Your search has 11 matches. ABS light has been on for 2 years, we just ignore it, but have had no issues or symptoms. paul windsor. Brake are firm and brake normal during test drive. more info. Just something to think about. 1682.33 international 4300 brake components-used. It must see voltage from the pedal switch on two of the wires at the same time...brakelights and brake boost. International ® Air Brakes Series TMT-040702 ... Traction Control Switch ... into the pressure modulator valves. 99 IH internation bus brake pressure light New Topic Reply to ... 1044 Posts. paul windsor. Work says truck is fine. Concerning the S/T/T lights, I converted them last summer to LED. I'm in a 2010 international 4300 with hyd brakes. Post Sep 11, 2012 #1 2012-09-11T21:53. Warranty; But the Full Power Brake system offers High Pressure: 2011 2001: All: Pressure, Transducer 3 Pin, M10 (Brown) 3546241-C1: 2601398: 1993 1983: 5000: High Pressure – Cycling Switch, Normally Closed, 300/210 psi w/OE# 480869-C1: 2601233: 1993 1983: 5000: High Pressure – Normally Open, 1/4” Female, 250 /375 psi w/OE# 442182-C1 ZGG14467 ZGG11856: 2601260: Low Pressure: 2011 1992: All Well, the second? When brake gallery pressure bleeds down to 6895 kPa (1000 psi), the brake pressure relief valve opens, and oil drains back to sump. Not just the switch on master cyl, has been a few yrs since last hyd brake bus left here. brake pressure light New ... ok i have two bues that have been killen me with an intermitten brake pressure light an alarms one is 2002 international dt466 hydrolic brakes the other is a 99 444e i changed the module ... sounds like you may have already replaced the expensive parts. It comes on sporadically. We have had a few 02 IHC Hyd buses that the relay on the left side behind the power panel access door was was intermittent. It blew out some fluid and maybe some debris because it never gave any more problems. Remove this switch (2 small allen head screws) and check for brake fluid leaking on it. I have replaced the hydro booster and master cylinder. 346. The only v-8 diesel that they have. I have replaced the hydro booster and master cylinder. Everything checks out fine but this buzzer is constantly going off! Sounds crazy but try it. Always worse after morning starts. Actually common problem I have found. 1 of 1. more info. My 4300's about to drive me into driving it into a canyon. They must be timed to work at the same time.This will also cause the brake pressure light to come on.I used two test lights and ajusted switches so the lights came on at the same time. Part is warranted for a year, and I have only ever paid for one. IH made an add-on diode kit to prevent this, but in a properly working system, they aren't necessary. The ironic thing is that I hit a horrible bump in the road yesterday, and it went away for a bit after that. Does this bus have two brake light switches at the brake peddle. Benefits. The number one most common problem is related to the vehicle's brake abs warning light (6 problems). Normally a restart or 10 will get it to go off, but of late it's much worse. The Full Power Brake system provides better pedal feel, shorter stopping distances, antilock brakes, and traction control. Raney's Info Toll Free: 1-888-888-7990 Local: 352-789-6701 Store Location 3030 W Silver Springs Blvd, Ocala, FL 34475 (Exit 352 off I-75) Visit Our Store Hours of Operation Customer Service Hours: Mon-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm EST Do your self a favor and replace all 4 bulbs and clean up all taillight grounds first and odds are you'll fix it. 2. The trailer brake circuit consists of gladhands, air hoses, air tanks, pressure protection valves and relay It "eats" cam position sensors like candy too. Residual brake gallery pressure initially bleeds from the actuator bore. If the taillight ground is bad or if the filament is crossed either externally or in the base of the bulb, the voltage crossing from the parking light circuit is (by a backfeed up the brakelight wire)read by the module as if the brakes are applied. Try replacing the cap on the master cylinder. 3) Check the brake light switch, mounted under the master cylinder near the firewall. Table 1 shows the 7 most common service brakes problems. The most recently reported issues are listed below. Granted, they've been in use a year, and this is just now starting to occur. The timing varies- sometimes it's for a few miles, other times it's for a few seconds. The second most common problem is related to the vehicle's service brakes (4 problems). International 4300 owners have reported 17 service brakes related problems since 1996. International® 4000 Series 4 x 2 trucks (including the RXT), and 4200 4 x 4 equipped with hydraulic brakes, built after August 21, 2006 feature the Meritor WABCO Full Power Brake system. I have a 2007 international 4300 / dt466. the brake switch … comes with extension adapter fitting. Search Results for International 4300 ECM (Brake & ABS) - Page 3 on HeavyTruckParts.Net. $38 ... 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 product ratings - 3522366C92 Genuine INTERNATIONAL NAVISTAR BRAKE SWITCH. Brake pressure relief valve The ECM removes the power source from the brake shutoff valve to deactivate the engine brake. International 4300 owners have reported 4 problems related to service brakes (under the service brakes category). the brake switch is working normal, backup come on with key on, and off when truck running. I know that is a little generic in description, but that's how the error usually occurs. 357.01 international prostar brake components-new. or Best Offer. seems like I found anything from bad grounds at the brake lights, which was common, bad brake pedal switches, switches on the hyd brake booster, monitor module under dash, low pump pressure in system, bad connections and/or wiring. If your 2004 international 4300 has air brakes then the brake switch (electrical) could be anywhere. Service Brakes problem of the 2012 International 4300 1 I had same situation. scariest place for these problems to show up is on a school bus. Mine was the switch at the top of the brake pedal, inside, right under the bottom of the dash. I found 3 pressure switches under the steering column not knowing exactly which one belongs to the brake light sistem if any, but after I replaced all of those the lights still stay on. Free shipping. If you take the cap off after you start it do you hear air going in like the master has a vacuum? JavaScript is disabled. Now showing results 1 through 11. 346. The rest are DT's or 5.9's. The trailer brakes are controlled by the tractor. The vent gets plugged in the cap and will not let air into the MC. Inventory Powered By ITrack! $51.99. Occasionally (though much more frequent lately) the brake pressure warn lamp and alarm will set on start up. I have replaced the hydro booster and master cylinder. Do you have brakelights from a sister bus to swap? It's been a while since I have worked on this part of the system but...there is a module under the dash on the firewall. The brakes seem to work fine and when the light comes on I have turned the … 2006 international 4300 dt466 brake pressure light and buzzer get going off. It's an 02 4300 with hydraulic brakes. Hi I have a 2001 ih 3800 school bus.The brake pressure buster is on and the hydrolic motor won't run with engine off.Ive had this problem on some of my other busses usually change the relay by the master cyl and the square box on the firewall inside the cab behind the brake gas pedals.Problem gone not this time I've even changed some of he relays near the busser itself?i don't have a pressure problem but I don't get what else to look at ?Brake switch ?Brake light bulbs? international prostar navistar 4300 semi truck bendix air pressure switch, part # 5005757. used and is in a good shape and condition. Among other things, it monitors the brakelights/brake boost operation. It's only got 52,000 miles on it, so we'll be hanging onto it for awhile longer. INTERNATIONAL PROSTAR NAVISTAR 4300 OEM PRESSURE AIR BRAKE SWITCH, P# 2035007C2. tag #: 2515277c91 My 4300's about to drive me into driving it into a canyon. Brake are firm and brake normal during test drive. tag #: 1915722 ... pressure switch, pigtail kit, remanufactured air control valve, pressure switch, pigtail: 417-859-6349. marshfield mo 417-859-6349. 2006 international 4300 dt466 brake pressure light and buzzer get going off. I have replaced the hydro booster and master cylinder. Brake pressure dash buzzer Discussion in ' ... Aug 14, 2016 0. Break booster is / has been operating normally. Would that have any impact, voltage-wise, etc? currently removed from good running international 2011 2006 international 4300 dt466 brake pressure light and buzzer get going off. chances are if it goes away with shutdown it's connection problems. Brake are firm and brake normal during test drive. I removed the plug from the mastercylinder and started the bus for just a second. LKQ Acme Truck Parts Stockton CA 209-466-7021. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for INTERNATIONAL PROSTAR NAVISTAR 4300 BENDIX AIR PRESSURE SWITCH, P# 5005757 at the … 05 international brake pressure light. It can leak into the switch and cause problems. Same Day Shipping; Premium sensor as picture; Next Day Delivery Available @ checkout; Worldwide International Shipping Rates available @ checkout; Specifications. Yes, the problem goes away for a while when the bus is shut down and restarted. Please Call INTERNATIONAL 4300 BRAKE BOOSTER-More Info. Brake are firm and brake normal during test drive. Genuine International ... Free shipping.