If you find your ice maker not working but water does, the first thing to check is the control arm. An ice maker receives water through a small, 1/4-inch water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe (or a water filter). Ice makers receive water through a small water supply line that runs from the refrigerator to a water pipe, funnel, or a water filter. The valves tend to collect mineral deposits which restrict the flow of water to the ice maker tray. The filter cartridge is a brand new one. Is your Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working? The inlet tube brings water from the supply line to your ice maker. They have impeccable design and are known for their quality. Reply. Does anyone have any experience with this problem and does anyone know how to fix? Now the ice maker is working, and the water is flowing from the water despenser in my side by side refrigerator. Ice maker itself will have part number 241798231 written on it. Amana French Door, freezer on the bottom Refrigerator Had a problem with inside water not working, replaced the filter and all is well, but now the ice maker won't put … Parts for frigidaire plhs269zcb2. Try changing the water filter. This is a common problem. An ice maker can stop working for a variety of reasons. Frigidaire customer service is THE worst I have ever dealt with. We had the same problem with our Kenmore. ICE MAKER SENSORS ARE NOT WORKING . :"> I noticed that the ice cubes became smaller and smaller and somewhat "hollow' in the past few weeks, and now no ice is made at all. Ice Maker Not Working Problem. The most common reasons for ice maker problems are: Pause feature enabled; Water line malfunction or setting; Clogged filter Ice maker is not making enough ice. I started to mess around with it and pulled the back panel off inside the freezer and noticed that the coils were covered with ice. Still nothing. If the ice maker is not working the icemaker mold thermostat might be defective. Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working. 4. This is an added convenience for you, and it … • Freezer is not cold enough • Household water line valve is not completely open. If this is frozen, your ice maker will not produce ice. You can defrost the fill tube with a hair dryer. If the ice maker assembly is defective, the ice maker may malfunction. When your Frigidaire is first installed, a company representative connects the ice maker to the supply line by a copper tubing, which is recommended. It takes Less than 15 minutes to fix on average. When I press the ice dispenser lever for ice, I hear the metal gear inside turning to "throw' the ice out. The The ice maker will continue the process until the ice bucket has reached the limit. The first thing I noticed was that the ice maker quit working, no water would come out of the dispenser and the fridge was not cooling as well as it should. Replacement Bracket: http://amzn.to/2eutO4QIf your dispenser makes ice but will not drop any, or if you can not get water, watch this video. I will never buy a Frigidaire again. If the icemaker is not working, make sure the freezer temp. Cleaning the valve will not solve your problem; the water … Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! Frigidaire refrigerators with ice makers are connected to the main water line via a water supply line that has a shut-off valve. The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. They would not replace the refrigerator only said their warranty is to keep trying to fix it. The filter has been replaced and now removed. My refrigerator is displaying the fault code FILTERCHG, which means I need to change my water filter. Once replaced, the water dispenser works great but the ice maker is not filling. I replaced the inlet solenoid water valves, and ran a water hose from the water reservoir line, to the water despenser. ... i have a Frigidaire EFIC117-SSand the ice is melting the minute it falls off the poles be the time its being pushed to the basket theres nothing left but pieces which also melt. 83; Ice maker not working on refrigerator Frigidaire Appliances have an excellent rating across all platforms, and they have made a good reputation for themselves. OEM Part - Manufacturer #5304458371 If it is too low or there is no water, the ice maker will not make ice even if it is on. Many contemporary refrigerator models come with automatic ice cream makers, not the least of which Frigidaire. Once the water has been frozen the cubes will be ejected from the mold in to the ice bucket. There’s never even enough ice to fill a cup and we’re not really sure how to fix it. What is … Some common fixes for a Frigidaire ice maker that isn't working are to replace the water inlet valve, check the temperature of the freezer and check the water pressure from the water supply line. It may happen at times that you need to fix these machines yourself, but that is not a big hassle. This method will surely sort your problem of Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working. Over time, the water filter becomes clogged, rendering it inefficient and limits water flow through the dispenser. Nowadays, there are so many products of frigidaire ice maker not working help in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one.You have searched for frigidaire ice maker not working help in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them. is around zero degrees Fahrenheit. It's less than a year old, but the ice maker is not working. Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working. The water inlet valve is the triple solenoid valve so you have already replaced it. Frigidaire refrigerator water dispenser not working. The water line from the solenoid valve is clear (blow test) the solenoid valve that feeds the ice maker measures the same resistance as the one feeding the cold water. With hot summer days approaching, a broken ice maker is an urgent issue. If you find ice inside the ice mold, it means your ice maker is receiving water and the problem likely isn't with the water supply. Here are […] The instructions below from DIYers like you make the repair simple and easy. The water supply line does not seem to be clogged because I am getting water through the water dispenser. Let's just say the filter was waaaaay past due. The ice maker quite working after I had to turn the water off to the house to replace a valve in the guest bath. Refrigerator icemaker assembly. My frigidaire does not make ice. How to Repair an Ice Cube Maker That Is Not Getting Water. Frigidaire Refrigerator FFHS2611PFEA Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the 5th most common symptom for Frigidaire FFHS2611PFEA. Frigidaire Refrigerator FFHS2622MB3 Ice maker not making ice Ice maker not making ice is the 5th most common symptom for Frigidaire FFHS2622MB3. Ice maker will not stop making ice. the ice maker works if i pour water into the top. Check the ice maker for jammed cubes and clear any ice buildup that you find. 3. Many modern refrigerators come with a built-in ice maker. If the ice maker fill tube has iced over, it could be that you need greater household water pressure to keep water flowing into the icemaker, or it could be that there’s dirt or a defect in the water inlet valve. I have a Frigidaire side by side fridge and freezer. Replace the water inlet valve if it's clogged or won't fill the ice maker when activated. Look closely at the fill tube for the icemaker. The ice maker and the water dispenser was not working at all. Ice Maker Geeks July 29, 2020 at 10:34 am. The cold water is working ok so no problem with the water lines. To help you find the cause fast, we made this Frigidaire refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting guide: Ice Maker Control Arm Off. It may also be good to give it a good cleaning, as well as descale the unit. Common Ice Maker Problems. Very low flow to our water dispenser and ice maker, so I changed the filter. Make sure nothing is causing it to stick. I noticed the tube inside the freezer (that flows into the ice maker) had a chunk of ice in it so I removed. Replace the ice maker assembly if it doesn't cycle when activated. Having your Frigidaire ice maker not working is bothersome. If the fridge is operating at the proper temperature, the icemaker or water valve could be defective. (03/23/2010) By norma carlyon. Frigidaire Ice Maker Not Working. Instead, it's most likely a mechanical or electrical problem. Inside the control module of the ice maker is a thermostat which monitors the temperature of the ice mold (ice tray). I have a ~ 1 year old Frigidaire refrigerator (model # FRS6LR5EB3) for which the ice maker and water dispenser are no longer working. Before you decide to replace the water valve, check to ensure power is reaching it properly. 2. Perhaps the water filter is either clogged, or has been moved about? Learn how to use, update, maintain and troubleshoot your LG devices and appliances. The ice maker receives water from the water inlet valve and will freeze until ice cubes are formed. Try checking the water filter. If the refrigerator ice maker is not working the water filter might be clogged. The water inlet valve controls the amount of water that is sent to the ice maker tray and can fail either electrically or mechanically. It takes Less than 15 minutes to fix on average. 8 service calls for a brand new refrigerator for ice maker not working. Ice Maker and Water Dispenser Troubleshooting - Refrigerator. Replace any damaged or clogged water system tubing. The fridge is garbage. We’ve only had the fridge for about 5 months. You are in RIGHT PLACE. • Turn on household water line valve. • Check to see if water dispenser is dispensing slower than normal • If it is, replace the ice & water filter cartridge. Read on for the most common underlying causes and solutions to get your ice maker working again. The Feeler Arm Frigidaire Ice Maker. So, read this guide to find out how to get it fixed! If the fill tube is not frozen up, remove the plastic cover from the front of the icemaker. We have a frigidaire bottom freezer , double door refrigerator and the ice maker works but barely. If it is full of ice the icemaker can't fill. The water supply line leads to the water fill valve in the refrigerator, which is controlled by an icemaker thermostat.The fill valve sends water through a fill tube into a mechanized ice maker assembly that includes an ice mold. If your ice maker is not making ice you may need to replace this part. Frozen Lines. Robert Paris Marietta, GAI have a new smart refrigerator. To properly experience our LG.com website, you will need to use an alternate browser or upgrade to a newer version of internet Explorer (IE10 or greater). The ice maker is not clogged and the freezer is getting cold. I thawed out the filling tube which appeared to be frozen and still no ice. ... My Frigidaire counter top ice maker’s water tray wiil not return to the proper position to catch the water to fill for freezing into cubes. 1. Or have you moved your refrigerator and perhaps kinked the copper tubing?