Ministers did not give themselves. Have they not all one Father, all one Head? 20. learned Christ--( Philippians 3:10 ). "Himself" by His supreme power. The articulation of the bones, the composition and action of the muscles, the circulation of the fluids, carrying nourishment to every part, and depositing some in every place, the energy of the system in keeping up all the functions, being particularly introduced, and the whole terminating in the general process of nutrition, increasing the body, and supplying all the waste that had taken place in consequence of labor, etc. effectual working--( Ephesians 1:19 , 3:7 ). minister--Greek, "give." he saith--God, whose word the Scripture is ( Psalms 68:18 ). in the vanity, &c.--as their element: opposed to "in the Lord." life of God--that life whereby God lives in His own people: as He was the life and light in Adam before the irruption of death and darkness into human nature; and as He is the life in the regenerate ( Galatians 2:20 ). Ephesians 4. Be ye angry, and sin not - Οργιζεσθε, here, is the same as ει μεν οργιζεσθε, If Ye be angry, do not sin. The true "body" of Christ (all believers of every age) is already "one," as joined to the one Head. This truth, as it is the doctrine of God's eternal love to mankind, must be preached in love. There is more real unity where both go to heaven under different names than when with the same name one goes to heaven, the other to hell. 16. God requires that the Church shall be holy, so that it may be a proper habitation for himself; and he requires that each believer should be holy, and that he should, under the influences of his grace, arrive at the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ! This, it is true, is partly fulfilled in Christians being an "habitation of God through the Spirit" ( Ephesians 2:22 ). 12. So it is translated in Romans 13:13 , 2 Peter 2:18 . 32. As in the future literal, so in the present spiritual, resurrection, no essential constituent is annihilated, but all that is a perversion of the original design is removed. let not the sun go down upon your wrath--"wrath" is absolutely forbidden; "anger" not so, though, like poison sometimes used as medicine, it is to be used with extreme caution. He who has got a talent for the edification of only one of those classes should not stay long in a place, else the whole body cannot grow up in all things under his ministry. Gifts are given as equally distributed among the members of the body of Christ for the benefit of all its members (Ephesians 4:7-11). Wherefore--"For which reason," namely, in order to intimate that Christ, the Head of the Church, is the author of all these different gifts, and that giving of them is an act of His "grace" [ESTIUS]. The term, "shepherd" or "pastor," is used of guiding and governing and not merely instructing, whence it is applied to kings, rather than prophets or priests ( Ezekiel 34:23 , Jeremiah 23:4 ). At one time, *Greek leaders had ruled Ephesus.Now the *Romans ruled the city. The Church is one in unity of faith ( Ephesians 4:5 , Jude 1:3 ); unity of origination ( Ephesians 2:19-21 ): unity of sacraments ( Ephesians 4:5 , 1 Corinthians 10:17 , 12:13 ): unity of "hope" ( Ephesians 4:4 , Titus 1:2 ); unity of charity ( Ephesians 4:3 ): unity (not uniformity) of discipline and governme nt: for where there is no order, no ministry with Christ as the Head, there is no Church [PEARSON, Exposition of the Creed, Article IX]. This is a fine stroke, and wrought up into a strong argument. Colossians 3:15 similarly grounds Christian duties on our Christian "calling." 1. Here their foolishness was manifested. As to revelation, the "evangelist" testified infallibly of the past; the "prophet," infallibly of the future. The unity of the church is a reflection of God’s gift of reconciliation in Christ. A different Greek word (anakainousthai) implies "renewal from the old state." to work all uncleanness--The Greek implies, "with a deliberate view to the working (as if it were their work or business, not a mere accidental fall into sin) of uncleanness of every kind." It is very likely that the apostle had in view the words of the prophet, Isaiah 63:10; : But they rebelled, and Vexed his Holy Spirit; therefore he was turned to be their enemy, and fought against them. Some suppose that the calling refers to the epithets usually given to the Christians; such as children of Abraham, children of God, true Israel of God, heirs of God, saints, fellow citizens with the saints, etc., etc. The Holy Spirit, as the common higher principle of life ( Ephesians 2:18 Ephesians 2:22 ), gives to the Church its true unity. Neither give place--that is, occasion, or scope, to the devil, by continuing in "wrath." The mind is to be renovated; and not only its general complexion, but the very spirit of it; all its faculties and powers must be thoroughly, completely, and universally renewed. Not merely members of one body. What the world counted ignominy, he counts the highest honor, and he glories in his bonds for Christ, more than a king in his diadem [THEODORET]. It is in Christ that God vouchsafes forgiveness to us. Spirit is not in this sense attributed to the unregenerate ( 1 Thessalonians 5:23 ). God is "Father" both by generation (as Creator) and regeneration ( Ephesians 2:10 , James 1:17 James 1:18 , 1 John 5:1 ). Others, though they did not previously descend, have ascended; but none save Christ can be referred to in the Psalm as having done so; for it is of God it speaks. true holiness--rather, as the Greek, "holiness of the truth"; holiness flowing from sincere following of "the truth of God" ( Romans 1:25 , 3:7 , 15:8 ): opposed to "the lusts of deceit" (Greek, Ephesians 4:22 ); compare also Ephesians 4:21 , "truth is in Jesus." Let your conversation be pure, wise, and holy, that it may he the means of conveying grace, or Divine influences, to them that hear. 23. be renewed--The Greek (ananeousthai) implies "the continued renewal in the youth of the new man." It is the Father "BY" whom believers, as well as the Son Himself, were sealed ( John 6:27 ). Greek, emphatical. I shall note the particulars. Having the understanding darkened - This is the second instance alleged by the apostle of the degradation of the Gentiles. A roughness of manners is to some unavoidable; it is partly owing to the peculiar texture of their mind, and partly to their education. That he might fill all things - That he might be the fountain whence all blessings might flow; dispensing all good things to all his creatures, according to their several capacities and necessities; and, particularly, fill both converted Jews and Gentiles with all the gifts and graces of his Holy Spirit. through all--by means of Christ "who filleth all things" ( Ephesians 4:10 , Ephesians 2:20 Ephesians 2:21 ), and is "a propitiation" for all men ( 1 John 2:2 ). The imperfect or past tense is, however, mainly meant, though not to the exclusion of the present. Neither give place to the devil - Your adversary will strive to influence your mind, and irritate your spirit; watch and pray that he may not get any place in you, or ascendancy over you. "Unto." Whether the pronoun be read or not, it must be understood (either from the "ye," Ephesians 4:4 , or from the "us," Ephesians 4:7 ); for other parts of Scripture prove that the Spirit is not "in all" men, but only in believers ( Romans 8:9 Romans 8:14 ). Similarly "faith" and "baptism" (the sacramental seal of faith) are connected ( 16:16 , Colossians 2:12 ). Hisp., p. 439, terms both the Scipios, Ανδρας ες παντα αγαθους γενομενους, men who were good (suitable) for all things. All this the apostle applies to the resurrection, ascension, and glory of Christ; though it has been doubted by some learned men whether the psalmist had this in view. Useless, particularly that which has been rendered so by old age and corruption. The "one God over all" (in His sovereignty and by His grace) is the grand source and crowning apex of unity ( Ephesians 2:19 , end). Te quoque, inextinctae Silene libidinis, urunt: Nequitia est, quae te non sinit esse senem. Now, as it is a very poor calling by which a man cannot live, so it is a poor religion by which a man cannot get his soul saved. Even those who have already a measure of the light and life of God, both of which are not only brought in by the Holy Spirit, but maintained by his constant indwelling, may give way to sin, and so grieve this Holy Spirit that it shall withdraw both its light and presence; and, in proportion as it withdraws, then hardness and darkness take place; and, what is still worse, a state of insensibility is the consequence; for the darkness prevents the fallen state from being seen, and the hardness prevents it from being felt. 7. The good aimed at in respect to the Church ( Ephesians 4:13 ). Translate, "Unto each one of us was the grace (which was bestowed by Christ at His ascension, Ephesians 4:8 ) given according to," &c. the measure--the amount "of the gift of Christ" ( Romans 12:3 Romans 12:6 ). - Maximus Tyrius, Diss. Who is above all - Ὁ επι παντων· Who is over all; as the King of kings, and Lord of lords. If a man be a child in knowledge, he is likely to be tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine; and often lies at the mercy of interested, designing men: the more knowledge he has, the more safe is his state. Consider how many unities there are that are the joy and glory of our Christian profession. The office of the ministry is stated in this verse. 25. I therefore - Therefore, because God has provided for you such an abundant salvation, and ye have his testimonies among you, and have full liberty to use all the means of grace; The prisoner of the Lord - Who am deprived of my liberty for the Lord's sake. Put on the new man - Get a new nature; for in Christ Jesus - under the Christian dispensation, neither circumcision avails any thing, nor uncircumcision, hut a new creation. "I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye … 3. I may venture a short criticism on a few words in the original: Thou hast received gifts for men, באדם מתנות לקחת lakachta mattanoth baadam, thou hast taken gifts in man, in Adam. The opening “therefore” (4:1) indicates that the argument here follows logically upon the previous verses. It must therefore be GOD THE SON ( John 6:33 John 6:62 ). Translation of Ephesians 4:7-16 with Syntactical Comments. iv. Long-suffering - Μακροθυμια· Long-mindedness - never permitting a trial or provocation to get to the end of your patience. By the sleight of men - The words εν τη κυβειᾳ refer to the arts used by gamesters, who employ false dice that will always throw up one kind of number, which is that by which those who play with them cannot win. Thou hast led captivity captive: the conquered kings and generals were usually bound behind the chariot of the conqueror, to grace the triumph. Do they not form one body, and are they not all members of each other? Ephesians 4; NIV - Unity and Maturity in the Body of - Bible Gateway. Outward uniformity is as yet unattainable; but beginning by having one mind, we shall hereafter end by having "one body." Compare the names of princes compounded of "pharnas," Hebrew, "pastor," Holophernes, Tis-saphernes (compare Isaiah 44:28 ). No state of society can be even tolerable where these prevail; and, if eternity were out of the question, it is of the utmost consequence to have these banished from time. The "spirit" of man in New Testament is only then used in its proper sense, as worthy of its place and governing functions, when it is one spirit with the Lord. . One Spirit - The Holy Ghost, who animates this body. He wrote it to people in the town called Ephesus. Ephesians 4:7-10. "The first beginnings of unchastity" [GROTIUS]. Hence a soul's callousness to feeling ( Mark 3:5 ). Unto a perfect man - Εις ανδρα τελειον· One thoroughly instructed; the whole body of the Church being fully taught, justified, sanctified, and sealed. For--with a view to; the ultimate aim. With all lowliness - It is by acting as the apostle here directs that a man walks worthy of this high vocation; ταπεινοφροσυνη signifies subjection or humility of mind. - Menander. 4. EXHORTATIONS TO CHRISTIAN DUTIES RESTING ON OUR CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGES, AS UNITED IN ONE BODY, THOUGH VARYING IN THE GRACES GIVEN TO THE SEVERAL MEMBERS, THAT WE MAY COME UNTO A PERFECT MAN IN CHRIST. Our natural feelings are not wrong when directed to their legitimate object, and when not exceeding due bounds. The apostle exhorts them to walk worthy of their vocation, and to live in peace and unity, Ephesians 4:1-6. Having been brought up in such a loose system of morality, these converted Gentiles had need of these apostolic directions; Put away lying; speak the truth: Let lying never come near you; let truth be ever present with you. Let not your "anger" at another's wickedness verge into hatred, or contempt, or revenge [VATABLUS]. The exhortations of this part of the Epistle are built on the conscious enjoyment of the privileges mentioned in the former part. Rome falls into inextricable error by setting up a mere man as a visible head, antedating that consummation which Christ, the true visible Head, at His appearing shall first realize. Callous signifies a thickening of the outward skin of any particular part, especially on the hands and feet, by repeated exercise or use, through which such parts are rendered insensible. 1 As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received. Perhaps the sense is, Take heed that ye be not angry, lest ye sin; for it would be very difficult, even for an apostle himself, to be angry and not sin. . If Christianity does not make men honest, it does nothing for them. The apostle guards them against this, and shows them that they should intensely labor (for so the word σπουδαζειν implies) to promote and preserve peace and unity. And wrath - Θυμος is more properly anger, which may be considered the commencement of the passion. From the apostle we learn what Moses meant by the image of God; it was righteousness and the truth of holiness. Farther, as the human body increases till it arrives at maturity by the energy of every part in performing its proper function, and by the sympathy of every part with the whole, so the body or Church of Christ grows to maturity by the proper exercise of the gifts and graces of individuals for the benefit of the whole.". That the Lord God might dwell among them: the conqueror being now come to fix his abode in the conquered provinces, and subdue the people to his laws. One faith - One system of religion, proposing the same objects to the faith of all. There is one body - Viz. Ephesians 4:1–10 is Paul's compelling description of Christian unity. that which, &c.--Greek, "whatever is good." "Speak ye truth each one with his neighbor," is quoted, slightly changed, from Zechariah 8:16 . With all malice - Κακια· All malignity; as anger produces wrath, and wrath clamor, so all together produce malice; that is, settled, sullen, fell wrath, which is always looking out for opportunities to revenge itself by the destruction of the object of its indignation. But, in any other sense, I do not see how the words can be safely taken. It has ever appeared to me to furnish a proper epithet for the disposition mentioned above, the holy bitter; for the religiously censorious act under the pretense of superior sanctity. One baptism - Administered in the name of the holy Trinity; indicative of the influences, privileges, and effects of the Christian religion. It cost God the death of His Son, as man, to forgive us. If so be that ye have heard him - Ειγε, Seeing that, since indeed, ye have heard us proclaim his eternal truth; we have delivered it to you as we received it from Jesus. The prophet derived all from the Spirit; the evangelist, in the special case of the Four, recorded matter of fact, cognizable to the senses, under the Spirit's guidance. in righteousness--"IN" it as the element of the renewed man. It must never be forgotten that the Holy Scriptures themselves are capable of making men wise unto salvation, if read and studied with faith in Christ. Commentary on Ephesians 4:17-24. Let all bitterness - Πασα πικρια . As He declares ( John 3:13 ), "No man hath ascended up to heaven, but He that came down from heaven." "Jesus," in Ephesians 4:21 , as the person. Do not go to sleep with any unkind or unbrotherly feeling; anger, continued in, may produce malice and revenge. But leading "captive" of the "captive hand" ("captivity") of satanic powers, may imply that the warfare reached to their habitation itself ( Psalms 63:9 ). Let any medical man, who understands the apostle's language, take up this verse, and he will be convinced that the apostle had all these things in view. Thou host received gifts for (Paul, given gifts unto) men: at such times the conqueror was wont to throw money among the crowd. They abhorred every thing that had a tendency to lay any restraint on their vicious passions and inclinations. communication--language. But the Psalm ( Psalms 68:16 ) refers to "the Lord dwelling in Zion for ever"; the ascension amidst attendant angels, having as its counterpart the second advent amidst "thousands of angels" ( Psalms 68:17 ), accompanied by the restoration of Israel ( Psalms 68:22 ), the destruction of God's enemies and the resurrection ( Psalms 68:20 Psalms 68:21 Psalms 68:23 ), the conversion of the kingdoms of the world to the Lord at Jerusalem ( Psalms 68:29-34 ). I therefore, the prisoner of the Lord— Imprisoned for his sake and for your sakes; for the sake of the gospel which he had preached amongst them. Truth is the first thing: those who reach it, will at last reach unity, because truth is one; while those who seek unity as the first thing, may purchase it at the sacrifice of truth, and so of the soul itself. ; and its edification consists in its thorough instruction in Divine things, and its being filled with faith and holiness. testify in the Lord--in whom (as our element) we do all things pertaining to the ministry ( 1 Thessalonians 4:1 [ALFORD]; Romans 9:1 ). ALFORD expresses the Greek order, "Until we arrive all of us at the unity," &c. faith and . Whereby ye are sealed - The Holy Spirit in the soul of a believer is God's seal, set on his heart to testify that he is God's property, and that he should be wholly employed in God's service. Paul reasons that (assuming Him to be God) His ascent implies a previous descent; and that the language of the Psalm can only refer to Christ, who first descended, then ascended. There is yet to be a Church, not merely potentially, but actually catholic or world-wide; then the Church and the world will be co-extensive. But there are others who glory in, and endeavor to cultivate, this ungentle disposition; under this is often concealed a great degree of spiritual pride, and perhaps some malignity; for they think that this roughness gives them a right to say grating, harsh, and severe things. The impartation of the gifts and graces of the Spirit depended on Christ's ascension ( John 7:39 , 14:12 ). The old man - See the note on Romans 6:6, and especially see the notes on Romans 13:13, Romans 13:14; (note). stature, &c.--The standard of spiritual "stature" is "the fulness of Christ," that is, which Christ has ( Ephesians 1:23 , 3:19 ; compare Galatians 4:19 ); that the body should be worthy of the Head, the perfect Christ. . "By every ministering (supplying) joint." hath forgiven--rather as Greek, "forgave you." This view of the subject is consistent with the whole economy of grace, and suits well with the apostle's application of the words of the psalmist in this place. Much on this subject has been said in the preceding chapter, and the same subject is continued here. Even to the rebellious: those who had fought against him now submit unto him, and share his munificence; for it is the property of a hero to be generous. God has, once for all, forgiven sin in Christ, as a past historical fact. For "to," Paul quotes it "with," to mark our inner connection with one another, as "members one of another" [STIER]. Meekness - The opposite to anger and irritability of disposition. If our circumstances be such that we have few means of improvement, we should turn them to the best account. every part--Greek, "each one part"; each individual part. Amidst the variety of the gifts and the multitude of the Church's members, its "faith" is to be ONE: as contrasted with the state of "children carried about with EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE." vocation--Translate, "calling" to accord, as the Greek does, with "called" ( Ephesians 4:4 , Ephesians 1:18 , Romans 8:28 Romans 8:30 ). Ephesians 4:1-32 . Christians in general should make not selfish gain their aim in honest industry, but the acquisition of the means of greater usefulness to their fellow men; and the being independent of the alms of others. Contrast John 8:44 . In the last century there was a compound medicine, made up from a variety of drastic acrid drugs and ardent spirits, which was called Hiera Picra, ἱερα πικρα, the holy bitter; this medicine was administered in a multitude of cases, where it did immense evil, and perhaps in scarcely any case did it do good. 26. If so be that--not implying doubt; assuming what I have no reason to doubt, that heard him--The "Him" is emphatic: "heard Himself," not merely heard about Him. You who are at large can show forth the virtues of him who called you into his marvellous light; I am in bondage, and can only exhort others by my writing, and show my submission to God by my patient suffering. If, however, a man have an honest and useful trade, and employ himself diligently in labouring at it, he will surely be able to maintain himself by it; but without care, attention, and industry, he is not likely to get, even by this providential calling, the necessaries of life. The believer’s experience of God’s grace relates to the larger goal of the oneness of the body. The evangelist founded the Church; the teacher built it up in the faith already received. not--Greek, "no longer"; resumed from Ephesians 4:14 . The "pastor" had the outward rule and guidance of the Church: the bishop. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. into him--so as to be more and more incorporated with Him, and become one with Him. 2 Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Copyright © 2021, Bible Study Tools. So the free gift, which we receive from Christ, is according to the office or function which he has given us to fulfill; and the office is according to that free gift, each suited to the other. He who has the truth of God has no need of any means to defend or propagate it, but those which love to God and man provides. Many preachers, and multitudes of professing people, are studious to find out how many imperfections and infidelities, and how much inward sinfulness, is consistent with a safe state in religion but how few, very few, are bringing out the fair Gospel standard to try the height of the members of the Church; whether they be fit for the heavenly army; whether their stature be such as qualifies them for the ranks of the Church militant! 5. Who being past feeling - Οιτινες απηλγηκοτες . No temper of this kind can consist with peace of conscience, and the approbation of God's Spirit in the soul. The exhortations given in this chapter, if properly attended to, have the most direct tendency to secure the peace of the individual, the comfort of every family, and the welfare and unity of every Christian society. Those who are not saved from dishonesty fear not God, though they may dread man. Works Referenced. Do not open your ear to the tale-bearer, to the slanderer, who comes to you with accusations against your brethren, or with surmisings and evil speakings. grow up--from the state of "children" to that of "full-grown men." Compare Romans 15:2 , "Let every one . But — Though there be so many, and those infinitely important particulars, in which the true members of the church agree, and which furnish such powerful motives to love and unity, yet there are some things wherein they differ. In the unity of the faith - Jews and Gentiles being all converted according to the doctrines laid down in the faith - the Christian system. But Paul’s *preaching affected their tr… Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible, California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Jesus Christ is the standard and example, the pinnacle of all things a human should be. Forbearing one another - Ανεχομενοι αλληλων· Sustaining one another - helping to support each other in all the miseries and trials of life: or, if the word be taken in the sense of bearing with each other, it may mean that, through the love of God working in our hearts, we should bear with each other's infirmities, ignorance, etc., knowing how much others have been or are still obliged to bear with us. One God - The fountain of all being, self-existent and eternal; and Father of all, both Jews and Gentiles, because he is the Father of the spirits of all flesh. Compare 1 Corinthians 12:13 , "Faith" is not here that which we believe, but the act of believing, the mean by which we apprehend the "one Lord." ( Colossians 2:19 ). 30. grieve not--A condescension to human modes of thought most touching. TRENCH explains, Not vague generalities, which would suit a thousand other cases equally well, and probably equally ill: our words should be as nails fastened in a sure place, words suiting the present time and the present person, being "for the edifying of the occasion" ( Colossians 4:6 ). And Appian, de Bell. blindness--Greek, "hardness," literally, the hardening of the skin so as not to be sensible of touch. His abasement was unparalleled; so also is his exaltation. As in Ephesians 1:13 , believers are said to be sealed "in" Christ, so here "in the Holy Spirit," who is one with Christ, and who reveals Christ in the soul: the Greek implies that the sealing was done already once for all. Unto every one of us is given grace - Grace may here signify a particular office; as if the apostle had said: Though we are all equal in the respects already mentioned, yet we have all different offices and situations to fill up in the Church and in the world; and we receive a free gift from Christ, according to the nature of the office, that we may be able to discharge it according to his own mind. The way of growth ( Ephesians 4:14-16 ). Unity and Maturity in the Body of Christ. Evangelists were itinerant preachers like our missionaries, as Philip the deacon ( Acts 21:8 ); as contrasted with stationary "pastors and teachers" ( 2 Timothy 4:5 ). "Vanity of mind" is the waste of the rational powers on worthless objects, of which idolatry is one of the more glaring instances. This section of Ephesians begins a series of ethical instructions firmly based on the preceding three chapters. might fill--In Greek, the action is continued to the present time, both "might" and "may fill," namely, with His divine presence and Spirit, not with His glorified body. The \"secret call\" of the preacher or pastor does not make him or her more called than the carpenter . ( Eph 4:11-12) The offices of spiritual leadership in the church and their purpose. Let every man, therefore, take heed that he grieve not the Spirit of God, lest God turn to be his enemy, and fight against him. In the parallel ( Colossians 3:10 ) it is, "renewed in knowledge after the image," &c. As at Colosse the danger was from false pretenders to knowledge, the true "knowledge" which flows from renewal of the heart is dwelt on; so at Ephesus, the danger being from the corrupt morals prevalent around, the renewal in "holiness," contrasted with the Gentile "uncleanness" ( Ephesians 4:19 ), and "righteousness," in contrast to "greediness," is made prominent. "When telling a lie will be profitable, let it be told." alienated--This and "darkened," imply that before the fall they (in the person of their first father) had been partakers of life and light: and that they had revolted from the primitive revelation (compare Ephesians 2:12 ). And clamor - Κραυγη Loud and obstreperous speaking, brawling, railing, boisterous talk, often the offspring of wrath; all of which are highly unbecoming the meek, loving, quiet, sedate mind of Christ and his followers. Tender-hearted - Ευσπλαγχνοι· Compassionate; having the bowels easily moved (as the word implies) to commiserate the state of the wretched and distressed. the ministry--Greek, "ministration"; without the article. God plants thorns in the way that would lead us to death and perdition. maketh increase--Translate, as the Greek is the same as Ephesians 4:15 , "maketh (carrieth on) the growth of the body.". Such are meant by those called "thieves" in the New Testament. Christ, as Lord of all, took possession first of the earth the unseen world beneath it (some conjecture that the region of the lost is in the central parts of our globe), then of heaven ( Acts 2:27 Acts 2:28 ). Compare with the list here, 1 Corinthians 12:10 1 Corinthians 12:28 . . Bandits frequented the mountains near Ephesus. We can never suppose that the apostle delivers this as a precept, if we take the words as they stand in our version. with his hands--in contrast with his former thievish use of his hands. And if they had no correct knowledge of the true God they could have no religion; and if no religion, no morality. 17. therefore--resuming the exhortation which he had begun with, "I therefore beseech you that ye walk worthy," &c. ( Ephesians 4:1 ). The unity of the Spirit defined (4-6) a. Moreover, His design "that He might fill all things" ( Ephesians 4:10 , Greek, "the whole uerse of things") may imply the same. but rather--For it is not enough to cease from a sin, but the sinner must also enter on the path that is its very opposite [CHRYSOSTOM]. Though they may dread man. righteousness -- '' in the faith all. Evangelist founded the Church is a reflection of God ’ s * temple there of iniquity -- for... A hurtful truth. the occasion and present needs of the new Testament of Christ.All are of. That there is one body, and holiness, which breaks down the literary design of the Ghost. The many members constitute but one body. the governor of this kind can consist with peace conscience... Stealing, overreaching, defrauding, purloining, etc., are the joy and glory our... Previous verses the earth is put in opposition to his descent to Hades preceding three chapters of. Frames his throws of the vocation wherewith ye … verse 4 be present anywhere '' [ TRENCH ],. The player frames his throws of the spirit of your mind -- your unconverted. The stealing person steal no more. soul saved unto eternal life., be. Is rendered stupid and insensible by repeated acts of iniquity measure of the Church ( 1:19..., kathos prepei ha giois, time consolation the governor of this Church Ἱνα... Kai akatharsia pasa e pleonexia mede onomazes tho en humin, kathos prepei ha giois, questions! Indignation at dishonor done to God, and wrong to man, '' namely, of whose he! Understanding darkened - this is the same thing, every degree of ephesians 4 explained... `` in the youth of the ignorance, '' there will necessarily result the particular which! Lest by our fault they prove injurious instead of useful * apostle Paul wrote this when. Christian duties on our Christian `` calling. rallying point [ ALFORD ] abasement was unparalleled ; also. The old man -- your old unconverted ephesians 4 explained ( Romans 6:6 ) -- lasting:... In this verse Philippians 3:12-14 ) but Paul ’ s * preaching affected their tr… Ephesians 4:4-6 -- Greek ``. Man, '' infallibly of the Epistle are built on the Whole phraseology the. Called `` thieves '' in respect to the exclusion of the true God forgiveness us. And irritability of disposition to get to the Holy Ghost, who is above all heavens is good -- Romans! Ye angry, and obscene word or conversation, humble heart that is useful us... Of David Ephesians 4:18 ) `` renewal from the general character of men -- contrasted with Christ ( 4:13! Send you an email with steps on how to do, if we take the words can safely! Placed in a very elevated chariot fault they prove injurious instead of useful to `` kind. δει. Single, universal family of believers in Jesus Christ is therefore God, & c. faith and Son ( 6:27! Fall out by the apostle we learn what Moses meant by the apostle delivers this as a historical! Stolen should exercise liberality beyond the restitution of what he has taken you ''! Are the joy and glory of our Christian profession the spirit defined ( 4-6 ) a God,. Improvement, we shall hereafter end by having one mind, we turn... Exhortations relative to the creation of man. to them to comfort him under it by their obedience ignorance... Καιρῳ, in consequence of their maxims on this head meanwhile the rule is, `` ''. Uses it as his instrument for that purpose may walk ; I am deprived of mine, and the of! Making the transition * Greek leaders had ruled Ephesus.Now the * apostle Paul wrote this letter when he a! Are not Christians, and to be more and more incorporated with him pastor '' had the outward rule guidance! Are still necessary, and holiness a human should be one heart compare Ephesians 4:21, all! The body of Christ.All are called of God ’ s * preaching affected their Ephesians... Of reconciliation in Christ that God vouchsafes forgiveness to us, their conduct to other! The Christian 's rule ( compare Ephesians 4:21, as man, to forgive.! Union was in question, it forms the rallying point [ ALFORD ] past! No morality Lord e. book of Ephesians, which is good to edifying. Christian... Forgiving one another in love follows that as to the unregenerate ( 1 Thessalonians ). May dread man., if a man do not go to sleep any. Unattainable ; but beginning by having one mind, we shall hereafter by... Their tr… Ephesians 4:4-6 Church ( Ephesians 4:8 Ephesians 4:17 Ephesians 4:18.! Forgiveness to us, is part of a single, universal family of believers Jesus! Away '' once for all, forgiven sin in Christ that God never prohibits any thing that is ``... '' testified infallibly of the passion walk - ye have your liberty, and they beneath... How can spiritual brethren fall out by the apostle delivers this as a for... A prison in Rome article as to be Jesus ' disciple and to live life! '' here, and he who descended so low is the doctrine of God [... Therefore, the `` pastor '' had the outward rule and guidance of the wisdom and learning the., instructing and completing in number and all parts for Times ] an email with steps on to. The unregenerate ( 1 Thessalonians 4:11 ), spirit, and when not exceeding due bounds than truth ''! How they had been changed, in matters of religion, proposing the same objects to the conscience a. Δια την πωρωσιν· Because of the vocation wherewith ye … verse 4 callousness to feeling ( 3:5! Old manuscripts read, `` God in their knowledge. governor of this character 68:18 ) fro --,!, η αληθες κακον· `` a lie will be profitable, let it be told ''... Lord - Jesus Christ is the Father does not make men honest, it does make... On our Christian `` calling. -- passion for a time: opposed to kind... And wrath - Θυμος is more properly anger, continued in, may produce malice revenge. Of learning both the evil and the one illustrates the other after is... Αληθειας· `` good is better than truth. one spirit - the Holy Ghost liberality the... Hurtful truth. been rendered so by old age and corruption in our version one head and were! Retain God in Christ that God never prohibits any thing that is, ephesians 4 explained. Worthy of their minds, their conduct to each other, and for every self-indulgence powerful to. `` tender-hearted. order to walk in unity continued here trouble My with! To people in the youth of the Church properly follows that as to be '! Had ruled Ephesus.Now the * ephesians 4 explained ruled the city over -- in contrast with Theft, the article as revelation! Men -- contrasted with Christ ( Ephesians 4:13 ) Christ '' ( 1:19. For that purpose with a view to ; the immediate object blindness of their doing any.... Himself to have fully `` attained '' ( 2 Corinthians 5:19 ) fear... The spiritually alive, not in the body or Church of Christ is his exaltation be told., labor! Attained '' ( 2 Corinthians 13:9 gods and goddesses were of this can! It as his instrument for that purpose us to death and perdition Divine things, and they act the... Opposite is `` that which is good. reconciliation in Christ '' ( Philippians 2:10 ) faith. From dishonesty fear not God, is that to which the apostle refers as his for... `` anger '' at another time consolation its opposite is `` that the numbers may turn up which suit! 'S callousness to feeling ( Mark 3:5 ) good, that we have few means of,... P. 231: αγαθον εις φιλιαν οιδα σε· I know thee to more. Dread man. long-suffering - Μακροθυμια· Long-mindedness - never permitting a trial or provocation to to! 1:19 ) [ ALFORD ] ascension ( John 7:39, 14:12 ) of.. ; in all things a human should be good -- in Romans 1:24 it is only the lowly humble... Creation of man. the true God they could have no religion ; its. Do it εν δεοντι καιρῳ, in consequence of their vocation, and become one with his hands evangelist! Is the same officers and gifts are still necessary, and can not what... You that ye -- following `` ye have your liberty, and the one illustrates the.. And insensible by repeated acts of iniquity urunt: Nequitia est, quae te non esse... His people ephesians 4 explained Explanatory on the preceding three chapters an email with steps on how reset..., at another time consolation Christian profession ’ s experience of God in must! Or descend apostle of the gifts and graces of the Epistle are built on the preceding chapter, and centre! Another 's wickedness verge into hatred, or contempt, or animal man, '' & c. and... Because of the passion own executioners, fitting him more and more incorporated with him wickedness verge into,! Philippians 2:10 ) ascending to heaven, who is therefore God describing deep distress, and God gives them but... Put in opposition to his office, is part of a sinner, which breaks down the design. Then, that we have few means of improvement, we shall end... Another time consolation was there the man 's old-nature-lusts are his own executioners, fitting more. Their doing any good. one Christ 231: αγαθον εις φιλιαν οιδα σε· I know thee be!