The problem allegedly originates with the thin, tempered glass installed in sunroofs used … That's why you should choose genuine and get a 2 year warranty. Was: $445.00. A Nissan representative said the warranty did not cover the damage, and Seenarain paid more than $1,000 to repair the sunroof. - Answered by a verified Nissan Mechanic. 6 comments ... *** was blown out of my front sunroof and the glass that was still in the sunroof was pointed upward. What have you tried so far? Nissan allegedly had no answer for why the sunroof exploded. The glass blew from the inside out. I'm sure hoping this is going to be covered under warranty. These days it's hard to find a car without a sunroof, so it's no surprise that there's more complaints about sunroofs than ever before. “We were driving down the highway when our sunroof exploded. So to offer a panoramic sunroof, Nissan has resorted to using thinner glass. A panoramic sunroof uses thinner glass to save on weight and also improve the vehicle’s fuel economy. Glass is heavy → large pieces of glass are really heavy → really heavy can affect MPGs → MPGs are king. Maybe you've experienced this problem. Other manufacturers, including Ford, Honda, Nissan, and Subaru, are using laminated sunroof glass in some models. The vehicle was not taken to be inspected or diagnosed. The lawsuit said that his sister was driving his Mercedes on a relatively normal sunny day at 55 MPH on a … Heads up, Nissan owners! In the second class-action lawsuit, plaintiff Sherida Johnson was driving a used 2016 Nissan Maxima to work when its panoramic sunroof exploded. The contact stated that while driving approximately 65 mph, the glass moon roof exploded without impact. Lawsuits accuse Nissan of using a faulty tempering process for their sunroofs since 2008. Maybe you're concerned you will soon. Hyundai, Kia, Nissan, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Volkswagen each are named in class-action lawsuits regarding sunroofs. Altima owners have a dangerous problem lurking beneath their feet. The judge dismissed some claims in certain states but left others to proceed. Nissan needs to address this problem. The 3rd generation (2002-06) sedan has floorboards that seem particularly susceptible to corrosion. Janelle Horne, the plaintiff in one case, leased an Infiniti QX80, according to Car Complaints. Your Qashqai deserves the best and you deserve peace of mind. The same impacts can happen to a sunroof. The glass explodes with a very loud sound, and startled drivers are at risk of swerving or crashing. The Nissan Qashqai is the perfect blend of stylish design and maximum utility. The sunroof in your vehicle might soon be coming down in a thousand little pieces. Nissan 350Z. The Nissan dealership where I purchased the car said that something had to hit it but I know it didn't. or Best Offer. My sunroof exploded in front of my eyes. This includes any vehicle since 2008. Equally disturbing is the response vehicle owners get when they bring their broken sunroof to the dealership. RELATED: Jeep Owners Are Filing a Class-Action Lawsuit for an Expensive Problem. is a free site dedicated to uncovering problem trends and informing owners about potential issues with their cars. Sun Roof problem of the 2014 Nissan Pathfinder 1. Jul 15, 2016 A … We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Nissan alleging that panoramic sunroofs have exploded and that Nissan knew about the issue but failed to replace them or reimburse owners for repairs even if the vehicle was still under warranty. Heads up, Nissan owners! or Best Offer. It covered owners and lessees in the state of California, so it ended up being included under the second lawsuit. The case was scheduled for mediation on April 30th, 2019, but results are unknown. Nissan North America Inc. on Tuesday urged a California federal court to throw out a proposed class action over panoramic sunroofs that allegedly shatter due to … Considering cars are more airtight than ever, the pressure is on. The Center for Auto Safety (CAS) is a pro-consumer organization that researches auto safety issues & often compels the US government to do the right thing through lobbying & lawsuits. According to the lawsuit, the sunroofs explode because Nissan uses thin glass in factory-standard sunroofs to reduce weight for improved fuel economy. Exploding sunroof lawsuit says Nissan's tempering is flawed ∞ A 2017 lawsuit filed in a California court says all 2008–present Nissan and Infiniti models are at risk of their sunroofs exploding because of Nissan's flawed tempering. A 2017 lawsuit filed in a California court says all 2008–present Nissan and Infiniti models are at risk of their sunroofs exploding because of Nissan's flawed tempering. Have you got a Nissan Rogue sunroof leak problem? The lawsuits suggest that thinner glass is hard to properly temper. Two People Were Inside This Car When the Sunroof Exploded. Free shipping. The dealership first claimed rocks must have hit the outside of the sunroof, but it did agree to replace the sunroof for free after the plaintiff threatened to tell the media. A sunroof failure while driving is a serious safety concern. 'My sunroof exploded': Government investigating problem affecting dozens of automakers. All four of these manufacturers were named defendants in cases that allege these panoramic sunroofs exploded spontaneously. While insurance covered some of the cost, Johnson still had to pay $185. Widespread rust that’s often concealed by the interior carpet until it’s too late and the floorboards crumble to reveal gaping holes. WATCH: An increasing number of drivers has been calling for an investigation into exploding sunroofs, Tony Tighe reports. Tempering is a tricky process and particularly difficult on thin glass. Like side and rear windows, sunroof glass is tempered. In addition, the Nissan sunroofs have ceramic enamel around the edges, which is applied before tempering. Why Are Nissan Sunroofs Randomly Exploding? What You Can Do If Your Sunroof Exploded While Driving If your sunroof exploded while driving, shattered for no reason or otherwise blew out, get in touch with us today by filling out the form on this page. $153.00. 2003-2007 NISSAN MURANO ROOF RAILS SET LEFT AND RIGHT OEM 154714 (Fits: Nissan Murano) $92.15. Automakers like to blame sunroof explosions on owners or random rocks (that somehow shatter the glass from inside). A lawsuit alleges that all of Nissan's factory-installed sunroofs (panoramic or otherwise) can explode without warning. Repairing or replacing one of these sunroofs can cost owners $1,000 to $2,000. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. A class action complaint has been filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York against Nissan Motor Company, alleging that large glass panoramic sunroofs on some Nissan vehicles have spontaneously shattered. CBS Denver recently interviewed a woman who experienced a similar exploding sunroof problem while driving her Nissan Murano. This expansive piece of glass sounds really nice in marketing and looks great on a test drive, but there's a problem. While insurance may cover some of the costs, not all owners were able to have the full amount covered. all 2008–present Nissan and Infiniti models are at risk of their sunroofs exploding, imperfections in tempered glass will cause it to shatter under pressure, Heads Up, Nissan Owners! Nissan - Maxima Sunroof Exploded. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the US agency with the authority to conduct vehicle defect investigations & force recalls. That giant piece of glass above your head may soon be on its way down in a thousand little pieces. While tempered glass breaks into chunks, a broken sunroof can still send a large amount of glass flying into the cabin, causing injuries. Exploded Sunroof View. Unlike windshield glass, which has a protective inner layer, tempered sunroof glass will shatter into tiny - but generally harmless - pieces. 443 views . More cars now include a sunroof, and those sunroofs have gotten larger over the years. The vehicle was taken to the local glass repair facility to be … 2015 NISSAN MURANO FRONT SUN ROOF GLASS PANEL OEM 15 16. Failure Date: 06/15/2020 The contact owns a 2017 Nissan Murano. Allegedly exploding sunroofs have been seen in all kinds of vehicles—Volvos, Fords, Lincolns and Nissans among others.