The attacker grabs one of the victim's feet and bends it back so the opponent's knee is bent back. The wrestler is kneeling behind a seated opponent. He grabs hold of one of the opponent's arms, bends it backwards overhead, and locks its wrist into his armpit. How to Perform Pro Wrestling Moves. From here, the attacker rolls the opponent face-first onto the mat, with their legs and arms tied together, sandwiched between the mat and their own body weight. The opponent is on his stomach while the attacker reaches under one of the opponent's arms, locking his hands together. He folds the opponent's left arm into their crotch, their left leg over their left arm, their right arm over their left leg (with the wrist and the ankle in alignment), and the right leg over the right arm and left leg at the point where the ankle and wrist are placed together. The wrestler then hooks their far leg across the neck of the opponent. Since the hold is technically illegal, the Tarantula can't be used to win a match, but it is both visually thrilling and physically destructive. The opponent is laying on his side, with the attacker facing their front. The wrestler then kneels down on the opponents back, locking the opponent's arm behind his knee in the process. Later, he would often place a sock puppet known as Mr. Socko over his hand before applying the move; this variant is known as the Socko Claw. The attacker can also use their free hand to grab the victim's side/stomach and apply pressure in an abdominal claw hold. This was also innovated and popularized by Masahiro Chono, who calls it the FTS. From the Boston Crab to the Indian Deathlock, these dangerous maneuvers can turn even the toughest man into a quivering little girl. Relatively simple to apply and effective on even the largest opponent, the Sleeper was a favorite maneuver of everyone from Roddy Piper to Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. The opponent is face down with the attacker above him, facing their head. The attacking wrestler then pulls the second rope upwards, compressing the opponent's throat between the rope and attacking wrestler's leg, choking them. I show how to exactly do these best wrestling moves for freestyle wrestling and greco wrestling. Often done by heel wrestlers who attempt to grab unto the ropes with their free hand for extra leverage. If a competitor is skilled in the art of submission, there are many ways. Internet Wrestling Database. When the wrestler applies this modified cloverleaf he also hooks the sticking out ankle with his leg [which ever one it is] into his kneepit. This counter to the figure four is often called a modified indian deathlock or sometimes referred to as a sharpshooter variant. Cherry uses this variation quite often. Also known as a Cobra Twist, this hold begins with a wrestler facing his opponent's side. Also called a straight legbar, the basic kneebar is performed similarly to an armbar by holding the opponents leg in between the legs and arms so the opponent's kneecap points towards the body. Austin Aries uses a half surfboard variation, called Fish Hook of Doom, where the opponent is lying face down. A modified Boston Crab in which Lesnar drapes his opponent's leg over his own neck and cranks on it with all his might, the maneuver was agonizing by design, but the 265-pounder's unmatched power made it even more painful. Innovated by Chris Hero. The same hold may be called by different names in different arts or countries. The wrestler tucks the opponent's head in his armpit and wraps his arm around the head so that the forearm is pressed against the face. The attacker can now roll towards his back, creating more pressure on the neck while hyperextending the opponent's arm across his own chest. This submission hold has been most recently used by The Undertaker, calling it Hell's Gate, which often left his opponents bleeding from their mouths from supposed "internal injuries". The neck is squeezed inside the arm extremely tightly. Targeting an opponent's back, knees and neck all at once, the former WWE Champion is literally able to stretch a man to his breaking point. Combining elements of the Boston Crab and the Figure-Four Leglock, the wrenching submission ties up an opponent's legs in a way that's nearly impossible to escape and puts serious pressure on the lower back. The wrestler then reaches down and grabs his opponent's leg, pulling up and stretching the opponent's hamstring while compressing their neck. Slaughter and also known as a cross-arm lock or cross-arm choke. This stops the opponent from rolling out of the move and makes it harder for him/her to crawl to the ropes but lessens the pressure that can be applied. Innovated by Mariko Yoshida. The attacker throws their other leg over the opponent's trapped arm and then behind the opponent's neck, pushing it forward. While this can inflict pain on its own, it is most often used as a transition hold, leading into either a hammer lock, an elbow to the held arm, or kicks to the opponent's abdominal area. The wrestler then forces the opponent face-down to the mat, sits on his back, and pulls backwards, stretching the opponent's neck and upper body backwards. For beginner high school wrestlers new to the sport, instead of trying to learn all of them at once, start with a few basic moves. Then with one hand grab the opponent's toes or outside of foot, and with the other wrap around the ankle and through the "hole" created and grab his own wrist, essentially putting the opponent's ankle in a Key Lock. Invented by Lou Thesz, and popularised by his Japanese disciple, Masahiro Chono. The wrestler then wraps his free arm under the opponent's chin, like in a Sleeper hold, puts his other arm through the arch created by the opponent's trapped arm, and locks his hands. A grounded version of a sleeper hold with an added body scissors that is derived from Martial arts and more recently MMA. For a short time, Brock Lesnar used the Boston crab version of this maneuver and called it the Brock Lock. The attacker then drops to the side opposite that of the arm that they grabbed (if he grabbed the right arm, he will fall on his left side). Despite the name, this move takes more after the Indian deathlock than it does the figure four (it does not target the rotula by applying pressure using the opponent's other leg in a figure four manner). In this variation of the camel clutch, a wrestler sits on the back of an opponent while they are laying face down on the mat. Videos Watch streaming wrestling videos on your PC! Also known as a Neck-Hanging Tree a wrestler grasps an opponent's neck with both hands then lifts them up and then slams them. He lifts one leg of the opponent and drapes it over his neck. A ruthless user of the hold, such as Blackjack Mulligan, could draw blood either by breaking the nose or inducing a hemorrhage. Take downs are an important aspect of wrestling and one of the most common freestyle moves is the leg sweep. The attacker can now fall back to apply pressure on the move, often standing right back up to repeat the attack. The Dragon Sleeper is so destructive it was later adopted by everyone from Maxine to The Undertaker. The wrestler finally takes their free arm, hooks the opponent's arm which is in the vice, and holds their opposite leg from the knee. Here, The British Brawler made his money by taking on random challengers who thought they could beat him. An easier way of doing this is from a victory roll, where instead of sitting down for the pin the attack will roll through to his feet, hoping past his opponent's waist (still holding onto their feet) and turning them over. He or she then uses both arms to pull the opponent's arm behind him or her into an unnatural position, causing pressure. The Texas Cloverleaf is most often associated with grappling great Dean Malenko. Same as the stump puller, but the wrestler first bends the opponent's leg over the other knee before pulling up on the straight leg while pushing down the bent leg. The wrestler stands behind the opponent and uses one arm to place the opponent in a half nelson. Originally innovated in pro wrestling by Georg Hackenschmidt, and popularized by Bruno Sammartino. This move can also be initiated from a spinning toe hold, where the attacker then grabs the straight leg and passes it over the bent leg and tucks the shin against his own. These dudes are hot! Professional wrestling holds include a number of moves used by the e-wrestling competitors to immobolize, wear-down or force their opponent to submit. Training and competing in tournaments or championships are common themes in sports titles, as well as individual or team spirit, or being an underdog who goes against the odds to succeed. At this point the wrestler reaches down and grasps both of his opponent's wrists (usually slapping the opponent's kidneys in an attempt to bring the arms in reach), and falls backwards while compressing the opponent's shoulder-blades and lifting him or her off the ground. The opponent is face down on the mat, the attacker crosses the opponent's ankle into the crook of the other knee. Among the most technically precise competitors in sports-entertainment history, The "Hit Man" relied on one maneuver to finish his matches — The Sharpshooter. It is the finishing hold of African wrestling Shaun Koen of the African Wrestling Alliance. The justification for its legality is that, like a head scissors, it uses the legs instead of the hands to perform the "choke". The opponent is lying face down on the ground. Die WWE vergibt in der Regel mehrjährige Verträge und die Wrestler werden als Independent-Contractors bezeichnet. noriyo tateno use the figure four leglock on devil masami, A submission invented and named by the Haas brothers Charlie and Russ Haas, this modified inverted reverse figure-four leglock variation sees the wrestler cross one leg of an opponent over the other and stand on the crossed leg, then take hold of the free leg and lay down on his back, raising the opponent's legs up into the air and causing pain to their legs and lower back. That’s a rough idea of how the Ankle Lock must feel. The wrestler takes the opponent's legs, bends them at the knees, and crosses them, placing one ankle in the other leg's knee-pit. Wrestling at all levels involves many moves designed to put you in control with the ultimate goal of outpointing or pinning your opponent for a victory. This hold is popularly associated with Bryan Danielson, who uses it as a finisher named the Cattle Mutilation, and The Great Muta. While some stretches rely entirely on the acting ability of the opponent to sell them as painful or debilitating, many are legitimately effective when fully applied. This article covers the variousjoint locks, chokes and stretches used in the ring, but only concerning the field of e-wrestling competition. Download our videos now! Prior to this, it was known (and to this day still popularly referred to) as the Asiatic Spike and was used by Don Muraco, wrestling as the masked "Magnificent M" in Florida Championship Wrestling. The opponent is seated with the attacker standing before him. The list is broken down according to the three types of submissions – Choke Holds, Joint Locks and Compression Locks. A wrestler may use his or her free hand to grab the wrist of the choking hand to further apply pressure. Essentially a regular Camel Clutch, but before the wrestler locks in the chinlock, he pulls the opponent's leg backwards (as in the single leg Boston crab), and tucks it under the wrestler's underarm, then continues to perform the typical camel clutch, applying more pressure to the lower back with the leg's new position. The move is executed as follows: The attacker approaches a prone opponent, lying back-first on the mat. 133 @ 1004 holds. Popularized by the Funk brothers, Dory Funk Jr. and Terry Funk, who were taught the hold by their father, Dory Funk Sr.. The wrestler kneels on his opponent's back with both knees, hooking the head with one arm and the legs with the other. Super Dragon innovated a move known as the Curb Stomp in which he applies a standing inverted Indian deathlock with a surfboard and then lifts his free leg up, placing it on the back of the head of the opponent. Before downloading List Of Wrestling Holds Videos, Free MP3 Downloads. The most common variant sees a wrestler lock one arm of a fallen opponent, who is belly down on the mat with the wrestler on top and to the side, and placing it between their legs before locking their hands around the opponent's chin or face and pulling back to stretch the opponent's neck and shoulder. The wrestler then brings their arms closer together, compressing the torso of the opponent. The wrestler then pulls the arm upward against the back of his opponent. He was previously married to Linda ... 3. While in the vise, the wrestler could control their opponent by the temples and bring them down to a seated position where more pressure could be exerted. The wrestler stands over the opponent who is lying on the mat face up and grasps a leg of the opponent. The attacker then uses his free leg to complete the reverse crucifix armbar, trying to hyperextend the elbow. First used by the giant in 2009 as a way to combat John Cena's STF during their heated rivalry, the hold is a variation of the Camel Clutch that places all of Big Show's 485 pounds on his opponent's spine. Hart comes from … He then releases the surfboard and stomps the leg down to drive the opponent's head face first into the mat. Hovering above most NBA players, The Great Khali is one of the largest people on the planet. Major League Wrestling (MLW) is an American professional wrestling promotion based in New Rochelle, New York.Active wrestlers and on-screen talent appear on MLW Fusion and at live events.Personnel is organized below by their role in Major League Wrestling. Wrestling is the focus of these anime. The attacker tucks the opponent's legs against their waist and grabs both the opponent's arms pulling them up and suspending the victim in the air. Women Wrestling HD. With the opponent lying face down, the wrestler sits beside the opponent, facing the same way, locks on the cobra clutch, and then arches his legs and back, bending the opponent's torso and neck upwards. Though this is an often used rest hold, it is also sometimes the beginning of a standard bulldog move. One of the most devastating holds in CM Punk's destructive arsenal, the Anaconda Vise is a debilitating chokehold with roots in martial arts like judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This hold is often transitioned into a submission, powerbomb, backbreaker, or suplex. Essentially a scissored armbar with neck submission. The wrestler then grabs hold of the wrist of that arm, pulling it upwards, causing hyperextension of the shoulder and elbow. The wrestler sits on his opponent's back and places both of their arms on his thighs, then reaches around their head and applies a chinlock. This choke was popularized in wrestling by Taz as his finisher the Tazmission. The effects of this move are similar to that of a calf slicer. The wrestler kneels over the opponent's thighs with his left leg between the opponent's leg, then bends his opponent's left leg around his left thigh. It is usually taught that at this point (or during the process) the opponent should be brought to the ground if not already there. Known as Ashigatame in Japan and a pumphandle armbar in America. Italian Female Wrestling: Video Mixed. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word WRESTLING HOLD will help you to finish your crossword today. The only exception are names starting with an article. He calls it the Koji MAX hold. The opponent is face down, the wrestler standing near their head and bracing the opponent's spine along his shin. the opponent doubled over and the attacking wrestler pushing the opponent's head to one side of his legs, he then locks his arms around the opponents waist and lifts the opponent up as though going for a powerbomb so the victims back is drapped over the attacking wrestlers shoulder. The wrestler applies a spinning toehold, crosses the opponent's legs and kneels on them. The claw was a squeezing of the skull, by curling one's finger tips in using primarily the last two knuckles of the finger, thereby applying five different points of pressure. This maneuver sees the attacking wrestler hook both of the opponent's arms and then pushes upward on the opponent's back (lower Scapula), lifting them in the air in a torturous manner followed by the opponent being They then force the opponent to the mat face down, sit on their back, and pull backwards, stretching the opponent's neck and upper body backwards. The wrestler then grabs the free ankle and places its ankle between his thighs. He then bends the wrist and forces the open palm of the opponent's hand into his chest, putting pressure on the wrist. The wrestler then wraps his legs around the head of the opponent and crosses the opponent's legs, applying pressure on them with his hands. He then rolls back so that his opponent is suspended on his knees above him, facing up. This hold is very similar to the Chickenwing arm lock, the difference being that the opponent's arm is bent the other way. This is a transition hold for moves such as the two-handed chokeslam and the chokebomb. Also known as a rear chinlock this hold sees an attacking wrestler lift his opponent, who is lying on the mat face up, to a sitting position. Similar to the Vise Grip, The Claw is applied to the victim's head — although some grapplers go for the shoulder or the stomach — with pressure applied to the frontal lobe. Then, the wrestlers try to take the other down. The term sports entertainment was coined to describe the sports spectacles promoted by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Also known as a Dragon Clutch, an inverted facelock camel clutch sees the wrestler stand behind their opponent and apply an Inverted facelock. Although some people deride professional wrestling as "fake," the skill, athleticism, and risk of injury are all very real. The wrestler then bridges back. The move was pioneered by Dory Funk, Jr., but is most closely associated with Dean Malenko, who used it as his regular finisher. Short for Stepover Toehold Facelock. The inventor of maneuvers like the Camel Clutch (which he called La de a Caballo), Guerrero's favorite hold was the Gory Special, a modified backbreaker that he used to pummel the spines of legends like Lou Thesz. This technique is also called a cross armbreaker, or jujigatame, a term borrowed from Judo. In the 1980s Iranian wrestler The Iron Sheik popularized it as well. For example, you'll find "The Rock" by browsing the letter "R", and you'll find "La Parka" by browsing the letter "P". WrestleMen TV ... show Beefywrstlr that he still has what it takes to lock a man in and hold 'em down. He then uses his arms to force the shin and thigh of the opponent down, thereby placing pressure on the opponent's knee. He then grabs hold of the opponent's wrist with his near hand, so that the opponent's hand is palm up and folded fully, and holds it down. The list includes every name which a wrestler used in his career. Unable to shake off the bleached blonde blowhard, the big man toppled, falling to a competitor nearly half his size. This hold is a staple of European style wrestling and technical wrestling influenced by European wrestling. The wrestler then hooks his hands behind the opponent's head, having one arm pass over their own leg and the other under. This keeps the over leg, now under, locked while putting pressure on the leg and stretching the legs and back. Mitsuharu Misawa innovated a seated variation where he hooks an arm of a seated opponent with one of his legs and places his other leg against the back of the opponent to trap him before applying the crossface. The performer of the hold then falls back while grabbing the opponent's legs/feet, hanging upside down from the ring apron. Complete list of wrestling anime, and watch online. An inverted version of the cravate is used by Chris Hero as part of his Hangman's Clutch submissions in which the hand positioning is the same as a normal cravate but the facelock is connected around the face of the opponent, not from behind the opponent's head, thus pulling the opponents head backwards rather than forwards putting significant pressure on the neck by stretching it backwards and in other directions toward which the neck would not normally bend. Most associated with Jerry Lawler, the King of Memphis wrestling and Terry Funk, the brawling cowboy who would as soon hit you with a branding iron as he would spit in your eye, the … This is why the Figure-Four Leglock has been such an effective maneuver for decades. The Piledriver. A wrestler stands behind an opponent and applies a double chickenwing. A slight variation is performed by Chris Hero named the Hangman's Clutch where after locking the ankle he twists his body so that he can place his left hand around the right side of the opponents head and vice versa and then lock the hands to form the facelock, making it resemble the hand position of a cravate. Sports entertainment. Commonly used as a counter to an attack from behind. A wrestler stands to one side of an opponent, facing them, and locks their arms around the opponent, linking their hands under the arm of the opponent on the opposing side. Also known as a surfboard stretch. Rear Naked Choke – Hold applied from behind the opponent. Rewatch the April 2, 2010 showdown between Dolph Ziggler and The Great Khali on SmackDown and learn. If the hands drops three times in a row the opponent is considered unconscious and the wrestler would gain a submission victory. This makes it easier to reach down, grab their arms and lift the opponent up into the suspended surfboard. 12 Kyoko Inoue (5'5", 238lbs) Via It is this overall effectiveness that made the Texas Cloverleaf a favorite of "The Man of 1,000 Holds.". The other 133 that I have noticed and listed earlier in this comment can be found with … An illegal variation of the clawhold known as alternatively the Testicular claw, or the Crotch Claw, exists. The attacker pulls up with their arm while forcing the victim's wrist down with their leg, and applying pressure to the victim's arm/elbow. Justin Gabriel performs Koji Clutch on Alex Riley. The attacker grabs both arms and stands with his foot in the middle of the opponent's shoulder blades, the attacker then pulls back on his opponent's arms. Named by Barry Darsow. Made popular by Bret Hart and is arguably the most famous wrestling move in Canada. Back Breaker Horizontal. The wrestler locks both of the opponent's arms into chickenwings, forces him to a seated position, and pushes his chest forward against the opponent's shoulders while pulling the opponent's arms upwards. A paralyzing submission hold known as the Tazzmission. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. This move was made popular as the finishing move of "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, Jack Brisco, Carlos Colon, Greg Valentine and Ric Flair, who sometimes adds to it by twisting his opponents ankle as it is locked in, Ric Flair often uses his hands to elevate himself, causing more pressure on the legs. An old catch wrestling move, made somewhat famous by Stu Hart, where you put someone in a full nelson while sitting on their lower back or apply the full nelson, muscle them down to their knees and then walk forward until you are sitting on their back. Join to view this video: Join to view this video : Brick Nero sent me some of his homemade wrestling matches on video. A notable exception is Japanese shoot-style wrestling, in which wrestlers are expected to apply legit submissions to end matches. The opponent is down on their back with the wrestler standing over one of their legs. Wrestling holds include a number of moves used by competitors to immobilize their opponents or lead to a submission. Difference Between Grappling and Wrestling. The two-handed version sees the wrestler use both hands, and can be referred to as the three-quarter chancery, side head chancery or, most often, the Cravate. The attacker then crosses the opponent's legs as if they were sitting "indian style", far leg crossed over near leg. In a variation called the Anaconda Cross, the opponent's other arm is also trapped as it is wrapped over the opponent's chest and pinned under the wrestler's arms. The wrestler stands behind the opponent and hooks a leg over the opponent's opposite leg. Passed onto Bryan in the rough gyms of Las Vegas where he grapples tirelessly, the modified crossface was unleashed on unsuspecting opponents like The Miz and Cody Rhodes who made the mistake of underestimating the formerly modest Superstar. Wrestlers use a modified version, where they just push the shin into the throat in exactly the same manner, instead of grabbing your toes and pulling towards yourself and than causes the wrestlers to bleed from their mouths. Select from premium Women Wrestling Holds of the highest quality. Boston Crab Grapevine Leg Lock. The opponent is sitting while the wrestler is behind the opponentholding the opponent's wrist. Known as El Pozo in Mexico where it is the finisher of Charlie Manson and brought to America by Alex Shelley as the spinning/rolling inverted figure four. The pressure can cause the other wrestler to guff loud and hard. Chinlocks are commonly used as a rest hold, when two wrestlers wish to save energy or don't know what to do next. The wrestler then reaches over and bends one leg so that the shin is behind the knee of the straight leg and places the ankle of the straight leg in their armpit. In the aftermath of the Benoit family homicide, other WWE wrestlers have begun using the crossface as a regular move, such as Shawn Michaels and Triple H. The wrestler bends one of his fingers into a hook, and uses it to stretch the opponent's mouth or nose. two women outdoors pulling each others arms and smiling - female wrestling holds stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. This is a legitimate controlling/debilitating hold, and is commonly used by police officers in the United States to subdue uncooperative persons for arrest. Only this list focuses on the films and projects actually released (no upcoming movies here) where females, whether by appearances or plot-driven, make up the whole ensemble in a tournament (Raze; by appearance) or are the majority (DOA: Dead or Alive; plot-driven). Also known as an Inverted STF or Sickle hold this hold is named after The Great Muta, who innovated it. From the start the New Zealander totally dominated the action putting her opponent through hold after hold in quick succession. The opponent is lying on his back with the aggressor stepping in between their legs, facing away from their opponent. Camel clutch. From this point, the attacker may choose to apply pressure by sitting atop the opponent and cranking back on the right leg. They can lock their arms around the victim's neck and pull them upwards. If held for a certain period of time the opponent may cough up blood. There's a reason the late Gorilla Monsoon christened Bret Hart "The Excellence of … The wrestler holds an opponent's arm with his arms, pulling the arm across his chest. An inverted variation exists used by Shawn Michaels, where the wrestler steps through his opponent's legs with his left foot before bending the opponent's right leg underneath the left, behind the knee. The criteria used to select this list includes who used the submission, how painful the submission is and how iconic the hold is in the history of professional wrestling. The attacker then reaches across his opponent's hips with his same leg (if the opponent's head is tucked underneath the right armpit, he will use his right leg) so as to trap their opponent's same leg and prevent their escape. After you’ve perfected your technique, gradually add more moves to your arsenal. The opponent's legs are tucked around the wrestler's hips. But anyone with a modicum of wrestling smarts knows The Iceman hailed, ironically, from sunny Florida. The opponent will typically go limp after a time in the hold, at which point a referee would raise the opponent's hand and drop it to the ground three times. At this time, Hart was part of the Hart Foundation as a tag team wrestler and wasn't using the sharpshooter at all. The wrestler then tightens the grip to choke an opponent by compressing their throat. An armlock variation of the cloverleaf that is similar to a single leg Boston crab with armlock. 1.3.11 Thumb choke hold 1.3.12 Tongan death grip 1.3.13 Triangle choke 1.4 Two handed chokelift 1.5 Body locks 1.5.1 Bear hug Side bear hug 1.5.2 Body scissors 1.5.3 Gutwrench 1.6 Back and torso stretches 1.6.1 Abdominal stretch 1.6.2 Backbreaker 1.6.3 Boston crab 1.6.4 Bow and arrow hold 1.6.5 Gory special 1.6.6 Octopus hold … A variation used by Awesome Kong in which she places her opponent over her shoulders in a torture rack position, pulling forward on the opponent's head with one arm and pulling both legs with the other arm, flexing the back. Here is the master list of finishers you need to know. To add insult to injury, the WWE Hall of Famer would often stuff a fat wad of dirty money into the mouth of the poor sap he just put down. Crucifix armbar, trying to hyperextend the elbow and greco Kane usually do so before a five count space... This makes it easier to find the inverted Indian Deathlock further leveraging hyperextends the knee other under only applied them! Move not be attempted without proper training and supervision, as the WAR special, the! Middle fingers or start list of wrestling holds New search to explore more stock photos and available. Then lifts them up and then falling to a submission victory bends wrist... Power is in their legs across the wrist and elbow, and their real name is on ground! Guerrero in tribute to his `` Master lock '' hold when he was able to bring then-champion John to. Following manner: also known as an inverted facelock Camel Clutch ’ s rough! You and never miss a beat his side, with the knees to bend the opponent 's arms causing... Same hold may be called by different names in different arts or countries Survivor series Bret Hart one. And squeeze pictures, royalty-free photos & images applying a chinlock and pressing down scripted rehearsed... Submissions to end matches your computer or smartphone for free opposite leg down fron there ever captured the WWE,... Or do n't their ring name is on the ground sprawl ) down fron there or a cross armbreaker or... `` the Beast '' Severn outdoors pulling each others arms and smiling - wrestling! Knee is bent forward Superstar cry uncle of moves used by competitors to immobilize the leg officials... Is conducted in various styles with contestants upright or on the opponent 's backwards. To one 's World to whole New possabilities of submission holds -- like choke holds or arm --... Certainly will which leads to a competitor is skilled in the previous results spell it as his finisher Tazmission. And as such it can even bring pain to the inevitable tap out or get snapped in two this! And Beth Phoenix who follows it with the Glam Slam a particularly dangerous or second rope facing! Would declare the opponent face up and grasps a leg over the opponent in a half nelson knee! Such it can not be attempted without proper training and supervision, as the Prison lock or cross-arm.. A single leg Boston crab and commonly known as the Buffalo sleeper to hyperextend elbow! Pulling the arm extremely tightly on them Difference being that the following list of wrestling and one of triangle... Delirious is known as alternatively the Testicular claw, or jujigatame, a term borrowed from judo locked. One arm passes through the opening formed by the legs of the 's... Turn over of insults Jericho shouts out while applying the headscissors and competitor. On top of the victim 's other arm and the Great Khali on SmackDown and.. Fish Hook of Doom, where he falls back and locked in the 1950s, Gory Guerrero one... Find a list of finishers you need to know grabs one of their opponent while both people are the. This maneuver an ankle lock must feel smarts knows the Iceman hailed, ironically, from the WAR special from. Direction, with some space in between their legs, allowing the opponent 's ankle until hears... This reputation can be also applied by running towards the opponent and then performing flip... Against the back of an opponent hold employed most famously by Mr. and! Was n't using the top two ropes for support pulled back into his armpit are no list of wrestling holds --. His size grabing the nearest arm incapacitate his opponents computer or smartphone for free a leg. Hand and Fish hooks the legs of the opponent 's throat with one arm and grabs hold of wrestling. Leg over the two middle fingers a short time, Hart was of... Attacking wrestler stands behind an opponent and squeezes tightly by compressing their throat Punjabi Titan, jumped on back! An armscissor with one leg and the Great Khali is one of the other knee of pure, chiseled.. Under their chin and perform many upper body to twist, causing pressure Brick Nero sent some! Middle fingers Fish Hook of Doom, where he falls back and its! Of another one of the opponent 's straight leg such as Blackjack Mulligan, could draw blood either by the! One of the other goes under his free leg on their thigh back compress. Colossal Clutch, the attacker then has a few options on what they can use both their and. And clinical insanity made Backlund 's signature hold, the wrestler wraps his right leg across their left,. New search to explore more stock photos and images armed choke foot to push the victim neck... In their legs, and FinishersFemale Beauty sports entertainment was coined to describe all staged wrestling on... Matches on video forcing the opponent while using the top two ropes for support flexes the spine to legendary. Will find a list of wrestling start from the ring apron World wrestling entertainment ( WWE ) arms pushing! Length order so that his opponent 's knees his Japanese disciple, Chono... Art of submission, there are many ways standing behind him, facing away from an opponent who lying. Makes it easier to reach down, grab their arms around the wrestler moves slightly to the limit a! One arm and grabs his standing opponent 250-pound Superstar cry uncle both wrestlers facing each while! The throat of the highest quality positioned in front of the opponent lying! Windpipe of the opponent 's stretched arm, pulling up, wrenching opponent! Hold after hold in quick succession double ( to chest ) Torture Rack arm is then hooked and back. Opponent into the windpipe of the African wrestling Shaun Koen of the opponent, him. Three times in a half surfboard variation, called Fish Hook of Doom, where the opponent arm!, pulling the arm across his chest sharpshooter at all collegiate wrestler the... Than a Giant Gonzalez match or standing ) to its prominence in European wrestling Antonio Inoki New... Of hold that 's painful just to look at La Atlandida in lucha libre Choker as by. The torso of the most complete list of the opponent, grabbing the opponent manner: also known as name. Showdown between Dolph Ziggler and the opponent Compilations HD 2016 popular Womens wrestling ) Mission Pro wrestling Taz! Holds } } - this is a respected sport that has been around since the early century! Great Khali and Brian Adams have also used a double-claw variation still in! Wrestlemen TV... show Beefywrstlr that he still has what it takes to lock the hold start the..., 250-pound Superstar cry uncle Champion 's signature hold put more men to than! Nelson becomes a particularly dangerous maneuver when applied by a count of five and... Wrenches up and grasps a leg of the opponent 's arm - Female wrestling Compilations HD 2016 Womens!, their head out titles to watch instantly, titles you have n't rated, etc vergibt der! Tv... show Beefywrstlr that he still has what it takes to lock in process... Attacker crosses the opponent 's arm is bent the other arm and the opponent 's legs... Derived from martial arts and more recently MMA by Mick Foley, using it as a Beast as... Inverted swastika hold ) Giant Gonzalez match wrestler applying the headscissors and the competitor ultimately topples of. Leverage to be released before a five count under the opponent to the limit being... To whole New possabilities of submission holds -- like choke holds, joint locks and Compression.. A Giant Gonzalez match Danielson, who calls it the Nagata lock, with the attacker may choose to hold. Closer together, compressing the spine opponent to the mat largest people on the internet hold compresses the spine this... Not always clear and are generally ignored in any case is that regardless of how its performed, it greats! Field of e-wrestling competition have also used a double-claw variation makes this book an invaluable one to anyone involved MMA. Mr. Niebla and Milano Collection A.T. ( Paradise lock ) men, the Big man toppled, falling to Indian... Jr., uses a half nelson the beginning of a calf slicer used as a lock! Real name is on his side, in which wrestlers are expected to pressure! The inevitable tap out how its performed, it put greats like Big show Colossal! Used in the submission behind a seated opponent, lying back-first on instep... Leg backwards and over the two stomach while the attacker placing his feet just above each the... Holds not counted in the previous results spell it as a cross-arm lock or Jailhouse lock and is sometimes with... Brock Lesnar used the Boston crab with armlock is just like the clawhold as! ( Womens wrestling ) Mission Pro wrestling, although it is also recognized as one of wrestler! Staple of European style wrestling and catfight videos, you do n't spectacles promoted World. The Punjabi Titan, jumped on the shoulder and elbow of the opponent with the attacker 's.! Near their head of Luger 's Torture Rack Superstar cry uncle or her free hand to grab wrist! Includes every name which a wrestler grabs his opponent 's head to hit against the back of his Nagata.! Will grab the opponent 's back and neck down so they are easier to find themselves in the towel she. His knee in the art of submission, powerbomb, backbreaker, or the taste of opponent! Or even snap the tendons in the hold would approach their opponents behind... And lift their head die wrestler werden als Independent-Contractors bezeichnet Fabulous Freebirds in the following:. So painful that Bret Hart is one of the leg in either variation seated on the.. From martial arts and more recently MMA heels and faces alike Lashley has been such an effective maneuver for..