For an estimated on-road price, please click on the following link and select your city accordingly: Available. Prices of the TVS Jupiter start at INR 49,966 and go up to INR 56,056 for the Classic Edition. 2019 TVS Jupiter Price. We just get the vehicle serviced at regular intervals and that's it. Pertrol. So today I checked the mileage of TVS Jupiter in city as well as on highway at a maximum speed of 50km/hr . Pictures of TVS Jupiter from every angle of the bike like front and rear view, side view, Top view & many more. © TVS Motor Company. Any vehicle can be exchanged for another vehicle. The front disc brake on the TVS Jupiter offer good bite and adds to the safety quotient as well. Activa is better than Jupiter ( महंगा रोए एक बार सस्ता रोए बार-बार), Its stylish comfortable with good breaks and all those alloys make it more faster than activa was at some time lol, Good,best and better performance is activa,{ थोड़े ज्यादा पैसे लग जाए अच्छा ही लो}, Performance of all Jupiter model is same, only braking is good with disk brakes model like classic and zxfuel economy 45-48 kmplprice on road is different in every city please check with nearest distributor, Tvs Jupiter is far better when compared with hero pleasure. Amaron battery is No.2 in the race! No more fuss. What offers in activa125 bs6 for government employee. Note: Sometimes it just stops and won"t start even though everything is fine. TVS Jupiter is available with three color options: Sunlit Ivory, Autumn Brown and Indi Blue. If possible try it or ask any other Jupiter user face to face, My father-in-law (aged >65) owns an Activa 5G and my spouse has a Jupiter. Design of Jupiter is very stylish and comfortable for both ladies and jeants so no doubt get Jupiter right now, Jupiter has a better design compared to many scooters in the market at the moment. 1) Mileage 2) Suspension 3) Comfort 4) Light Weight, easy to ride in city traffic 5) fuel knob is external6)Low on maintenance 7) Eco meter,indicates riding mode8) Service Stations are big issue in Thane and bhiwandi, they give you feel of local garages. 4.3L for on mode and 1 L in reserve. TVS Jupiter ZX BS6 is priced at Rs.66,077 (ex-showroom, Delhi). Plasticfiber body panels are cheaper in quality too, in a Fascino. Tyre size (12inch wheels in Jupiter, while Activa has smaller 10inch wheels)2. Use kick start, and let it warm for 1 min during the first start of each day. I have done maximum of 85 and maintained the speed for about 25-30 mins, no proplem occured. 66,110 in India. No. Go for jupiter classic only if ur City has good roads otherwise u will have to remove the visor in the front Variant with disc break is safest and provides better handling as scoties hv high pick up. Choosing one will depend on several factors such as fuel type, brand preference, specific feature requirements etc. Fascino looks good but it is not at par with other in the comparison when it comes to performance. And obviously NTORQ is far better then grazia . FOLLOW US ON. Also, it is prone to showing up scratches on the dash prominently. No go for something with low ground clearance.. Even it is a small scratch, the paint is getting up like a LAYER. I m ok with Jupiter . Because ntorq is a sports scooter. Do take a test ride before making the final decision. TVS Jupiter ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 is the mid variant in the Jupiter lineup and is priced at Rs. However, the torque helps to pull the vehicle better with heavier load. Direct sunlight can fade anything. We would suggest you visit the nearest authorized. It is also the best looking in the segment. But in most places,they r not providing. It has refined (as good as Activa), fuel efficient, peppy engine. Aprilia sr 125, the only Italian in the segment. I agree with U.I also own jupiter.But,as U go at maximum scooters engine sound has changed,from when it was new to after using for many months.I drive usually at an avg.of 60 & all the time reach max.speed of 85 .U hve any solution except going at less speed to gain smoother engine sound?. Ride quality of TVS is much better thn Honda.. i have driven both but i feel TVS is much better thn Honda.. Claim that discount too. TVS Jupiter BS6 offers enhanced overall performance across drivability, smoothness, and fuel economy. TVS SCOOTY PEP+. you will be serviced at your doorstep. Everything is same as zx just lacks digital meter. Major differences are 1. 150km in 'a' day is assumed to be an once in a while event. If you are planning to buy a new bike on finance, then generally, 10 to 30 percent down payment is required on the on-road price of a bike. Petrol. Vespa poor average, low dealership so is service and most important exuberently priced. Nothing else in between. Yes. TVS Jupiter On Road Price in New Delhi (Variants) TVS Jupiter price in New Delhi starts at ₹ 62,062. My daily drive is about 20km, snd maintenance of Jupiter is very low in my city. All scooty is good but i bought TVS jupiter and trained my my wife and 2 sisters one is 13 years old and 2nd one is 17 years old within an hour. Use choke for 5 min. its Has good mileage with great pick up. The brakes are what allow you to halt your bike when you wish to.The front brake of provides close to 70 per cent of the stopping power and a disc brake is more suitable for it.Disc provide safety by stopping the bike on the spot where as drum brakes have less stopping power. However, in cities where roads often has gravel, the Sync brakes are much more safe. It's Better than what Activa Offers, However It's just better than Activa not Wonderful! The new prices of the ZX variant are Rs 56,093 for the drum brakes option while the front disc brake option is now priced at Rs 58,645. TVS Jupiter is better for senior citizen due to body balance technology. Ex Showroom price* Exclusive of mandatory and other accessories* #Sheet Metal Wheel. TVS Jupiter is still the best in the 110cc segment. Yes. The speedo reading is still the classic analogue, while other details are displayed within a digital display, I was expecting both in digital as it shows speedometer is also shows digital in tvs websites under variance. God knows how!! When i was looking for scooty i took test drive of both scooty activa and jupiter. TVS Jupiter Price. Yes, it come mrf tyre but these city type roar tyre and very sleepery, I felt three times. Interact with car / bike owners & experts. TVS Jupiter Scooty is available in 3 variants - Standard - BS VI, ZX Drum - BS VI, Classic ET-Fi - BS-VI and 15 colours. Moreover, the BS4 version is not available for sale in the market. Buy vehicle towards March of any year and the sales guys will give good offers just to make sure that their targets are getting met. It's really bad in quality. Wheels (Activa with older Steel wheels, while Jupiter offer alloy wheels)8. No idea about ZX, but specification of both Variant are same to same. TVS XL. Model Ex-Showroom* TVS Jupiter SMW # ₹ 62577 TVS Jupiter ₹ 64077 TVS Jupiter ZX ₹ 66077 TVS Jupiter ZX Disc ₹ 69577 TVS Jupiter Classic ₹ 70802. Jupiter is always the best choice from above three vehicle but if you want 125 cc scooter then look for Ntorq 125 this is best scooter in comparison with other 125cc scooters. But be informed that, in Both basic and Classic models, Engine is same, Only outer body look is different. While most riders prefer NTorq over Jupiter, TVS Jupiter Classic is mostly oriented towards riders who prefer luxury and elegance over performance. TVS Jupiter ZX gets a 6-liter fuel tank and each bar denotes around 1-litre of fuel in the tank. Jupiter is one among the better automatic scooters in the 110cc category. *LED tail lights available in grande* Remaining bikes have Halogen (Multi-Reflector Type), Yes in grande and classic fuel injected models in front.rear led is on all models, Yes I have the classic BS6 variant, and it has got LED headlamp. I think Divyol engine oil is best for jupiter.............Divyol Spin X4 20W40 is the leading Motorcycle engine oil.....It is the best engine oil. But seat is more comfy not that you are going to sit on it for hours. The price difference is approx INR 3,000 between disc and non-disc ZX variant. Ours came originally with an Exide lead-acid battery. Pick up is a lk so as it is, and I have spent only on servicing. It will get off when ever you close the seat I guess.... Manually Turing off the light is not possible. Hands down Jupiter. 100cc scooter then you can opt any one as they are pretty much the same but still go for honda or tvs as they Customer may opt to avail this for a cost. So classic is better than zx disc. I bought TVS Jupiter standard yesterday for my father for daily commutation purpose for about 15-20km per day. Even the standard variant comes with the same body style. So pls go ahead and buy any scooter which suits your requirement. will give you quality and will last long. If this is a regular requirement, consider Aprilia 150125. It will be beneficial. Email. 4) Performance : Better Pickup. also Jupiter is having more comfortable seat than wego and a road presence also. TVs Jupiter ; 50kmpl3. 48-56kmpl. Yes,inbuilt only in some variants like grande,classic,zx edition etc.. Not available in old, you have to install after perches, provision is new bs6 model usb charging port is given to classic. Check out TVS Jupiter ZX Disc Specifications Mileage Images Features Colours at Disc brakes being a new feature, riders (esp. And 100% definite don't go for jupiter, NTorq will be a good option as a drop in mileage due to large capacity engine will not be a concern. TVS not a comfortable ride and engine isn't smooth.service is poor.2. Jupiter has a very good mileage 60km/l and has a 5l tank. 4.Jupiter’s wheels are of 12inch diameter. So I calculated the mileage of 52kmpl by riding it in eco mode only without frequent acceleration and de acceleration . Jupiter is All over is the winner of All the Criteria you put it in of it's best milage in real world i got was 50 kmpl, It's suspensions are far more better than any of the same scooter in its class and it's combined with 12" tyres which helps alot like seriously Alot on bad or straight roads making Jupiter's Handling Very Easy and Stress free comparing to what Activa Offers, Maintaining a Jupiter or Activa is some how very same with minor differences still After free services go for a Local but Experienced Mechanic cuz then you can have your Scooter serviced before your very eyes and Value for money is Jupiter according to me ..i reasearched every aspect and took test drives bak to back and lastly Jupiter was my choice over the No1. You'll not be able to change it at authorised service center. Yeah,like all other jupiter variants. But if you have a crash or slip from side then no scooter can tolerate it. At Chennai, all dealers quote the price including insurance, tax, registration and accessories. For more details, you may connect with the nearest authorized service center in your city. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest dealership and selecting your city accordingly -. TVS Jupiter On road price listed here is for information purpose only. Lower seating for Jupiter also helps us manage the weight better by planting our feel well on ground. Compared to the Activa 5G which my father in law rides, Jupiter is smoother, gives better fuel economy and is very good with suspension (no back ache). good luck. It could easily last 70K to 1 lakh kilometers without any issues (provided all services are done in time). Address Post Box No. In zx and classic only looks is different,Engine and other facilities are same. Certainly you can go for Alto K10. Take a pilow and sit at home and watch tv.. jupiter activa after 15 april.. Now it has Christmas and year ending offers please check zigwherls site. FOLLOW US ON. Follow the link and select your desired city for. Yes or you can add according to your requirement. For a better understanding of compatibility and riding comfort, we would suggest you to take a test ride. TVS Jupiter BS6 Overview TVS Jupiter BS6 is the base variant in the Jupiter lineup and is priced at Rs. Jupiter is probably 1kg lighter than Activa 5g. I prefer ananlouge than digital. COLOR- Not many free color options, But in Classic range, there are quite lovely colors. I guess that's the reason they have to make the suspension stiffer.... You can watch a small video on my channel to understand how the vehicle works after 5 years of usage. Test drive it. Well and good but you need to service six months one. So extra money you pay for K10 over F8D engine is worth every single penny. मैं average speed se gadi chata huein 50-55 km उसके उपर नहीं।. TVS Jupiter is available in 3 variants and 15 colors. The beige color plastic will not fade easily and is a safer color to mask the dirtdust :) However, the black interiors are easy to polishrestorere-paint than beige. But it has a good ride quality though And then there is also hero :). This ensures better fuel combustion and mileage, while reducing pollution. माइलेज तो सभी स्कूटर का लगभग एक जैसा ही है लकिन TVS jupiter की लुक ओर स्कूटर से अच्छी है ओर फीचर तो है ही. 3. As I have a 5 yrs old daughter.He never showed the Drum model but somehow convinced with all the modern features this is the best model to cater to our needs. TVS Jupiter is not available with a spare tyre carrier. Activa in front by switch...Jupiter on left side along with fuel cap . There is sufficient space. Do you daily travel for more than 30kmpl then buy a bike instead and protect your back bone. So, just buy better. TVS Jupiter ex-showroom price in Pune starts at ₹ 65,220 and goes upto ₹ 70,720 . I exchanged my 8 year old honda aviator and bought a jupiter.Worst decision i made.Quality of materials itself too bad compared to aviator, After one year the screws used inside the meters are rusted, Means those are of normal cheap screws and not of automobile quality.While changing oil the bolt under the oil tank got damaged, To fix that i spend 1500, Since while opening that something else got broken.In mechanics words these things only happen to jupiter.As a summary from my experience with jupiter and aviator: mileage is 30 to 40 max in town, Pillion ride is very uncomfortable, Riding comfort is worse than aviator, Balance is not good, Quality of materials is too too bad.I won't recommend this at all. dealer. Depends on bank and your credit profile. No, it is not necessary to take all offerings from the showroom, while buying a bike. My father in law (65+) feels that our Jupiter is way better than his Activa 5G due to better brakes, seats, weight management and better suspension. The TVS Jupiter ex-showroom price in Delhi starts from Rs 63,852. Comparing two of the best scooters a bit difficult but Jupiter win with .5 basis points for drivebility smooth on patchy roads,other things like maintaince engine life,mileage are at par so I suggest go with Jupiter. As long as I remember its maybe after 2months or 500km. Aviator is much heavy and less mileage against them & maintenance cost is also high. Happy riding! Around 200 ,but you cannot seat more people on seat,bcs seat is short.Only 2 people can sit. Yes Access gives a good feel without vibrations, selling it cos local mechanics are fearing to repair it ,if you go to dealer they may charge more, Bhai plz go for..activa 125 bs6 or.access 125In dono k alava al scooty very bad. If you are just below 5feet than you can ride everything. You can click on the following link to see the details of the nearest service center and selecting your city accordingly -. Click on the given link and select your desired city for, For this, we would suggest you walk into the nearest service center as they will be the better person to assist you. Though the brand has not revealed the payload capacity yet. Sometimes, instead of such discounts, sales guys will arrange for free insurance (nowadays, rare!) Jupiter is all over best, you can go for any variant.All are best. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_mmv,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_variant_widget,rvmp_qna,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner, Single cylinder, 4 stroke, CVTi, fuel injection, 3 step adjustable type coil spring with hydraulic damper, Front :- 90/90 - 12,  Rear :- 90/90 - 12, This feature is not available in this variant, Ask your question from Jupiter owners and experts, Your Question should contain at least 5 characters, TVS Scooty Zest Himalayan Highs Series BS6, Honda Activa 6G vs TVS Jupiter BS6: Specifications Compared, TVS Jupiter BS6 Specs Revealed, Still No Disc Brake Option, TVS Jupiter BS6 Makes Lesser Power Than Before, BS6 TVS Jupiter Classic Launched, Gets Fuel-injection, All Jupiter ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 News,, TVS Jupiter MillionR: 8000km Long Term Review, All Jupiter ZX Disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6 Reviews. Plus you get 4500 paytm coupons which you use in paying bills. However, if the person already has cycling experience, Hero Pleasure, TVS NTorq, Suzuki Lets or Yamaha Fascino too are good options. The difference between Jupiter Standard and ZX are as follows.a. they r suited for city trips. ... this part is not available for online orders. With that in mind, TVS Jupiter Classic competes with Honda Aviator, where both share similar design philosophies. Our Activa 5G and Hero Maestros are pathetic in containing vibrations even at 60kmph. TVS Jupiter price is Rs 55,349 for the base variant.This is an ex showroom price.For on road price in your city you can contact the TVS scooter showroom. I have been using Jupiter since 2014. Compare grazia with TVs ntorq . If customer is price sensitive, pick-up BS4 (including an additional discount now at certain showrooms due to large BS4 inventory).If customer needs latest technology and want an environmentally friendlier engine, buy a BS6. Yes, Most reliable vehicle. Reserve indicator is also given which is automatically get on when u have petrol less than 1L. Do you mean, you open your boot and just leave and it get closed on its own. Handling is very light, control in slow traffic is better then other scooters in segment. The noise comes from vibration of foot rest with the side accessory.Otherwise the rest is fine. I personally prefer u to choose Jupiter grand which is advanced in every single way, For first time rider pleasure is good bcoz it's weight is lighter than Jupiter, Juipter is better then hero and as comparatively price is less than hero. Pick up is a lk so as it is, and I have spent only on servicing. Please wait for festival offers. I was riding Jupiter in busy traffic suddenly a Renault Kwid rammed my scooter from back i heard the sound of crash and stopped and looked at the mudguard and number plate, it was fine and flexible enough to tolerate minor crash.Both Activa and Jupiter have metal body. Take a very heavy >80Kg pillion on your wego and ride through rough roads for 20+ kms. ), JUPITER GIVES YOU AVERAGE OF 50 TO 55, ACTIVA GIVES YOU AVERAGE OF 40 TO 45 MAX., JUPITER GIVES YOU MORE LEG ROOM, MORE STORAGE ROOM, EXTRA LARGE SEAT WITH CUSHION COMFORT.. EASY PETROL REFILE POINT,BIG HEADLAMPS FOR EXTRA BRIGHTNESS IN DARK OR HIGHWAY RIDE,PILOT LIGHTS IS THE UNIQUE FEATURE IN THIS SEGMENT,MAIN STAND IS SO SOFT THAT YOU CAN JUST PUT IT IN SINGLE LIGHT PUSH, ACTIVA WILL NOT. Otherwise mileage in city will be around 45~50kmpl, while on highways (at ~70kmph) will return 55kmpl. TVS Jupiter also gets a 109cc, single cylinder engine producing 8 PS power at 7,500 rpm and 8 Nm torque at 5,500 rpm. scheme from finance company. Almost you place 10 kg potatoes in its, not satisfied just buy them, The scooter is lightweight and suitable for girls(short is fine too short isn't 😅), Jupiter is suitable for everyone. So, it would not make sense to exchange a functional vehicle so quick. If it is, then yes you can. But when i rode jupiter there was no such problem. Front suspension (Telescopic in Jupiter, which is like motorcycles. If You are unlucky, then anything can give trouble, But if your luck favor, Then AMCO will give maximum 2.5 to 3 yrs while EXIDE will give upto 6 years of self life. Jab bhi lena , mol bhav karna ki dosri company come ka they rahi hai. TVS Ntorq. TVS Jupiter is the best bet today considering Riding comfort, braking, decent fuel economy, low service costs, decent looks, larger wheels and telescopic front suspension which offers good ride control. You can choose this Also you won't notice any decrease in performance on CNG mode with AC. Telescopic forks in front (Absence in Activa) results in better ride quality. Ex-Showroom Price) in India. Nahi bhai tera hath waha tak jayega b nahi or fir b tune saal diya toh b tu khol paya nahi kyu ki dhakan upar hai mere bhai.neche se hath saal ke kya karega, Vehicle theaf can do anything.. but its not that much easier. Jupiter classic I am using ....its excellent to drive for routine day to day job.. Reserve capacity is one litter. Follow the link and select your desired city for, There are ample of options available such as Honda Activa 6G, Suzuki Access 125, Hero Pleasure Plus, TVS Jupiter, Hero Electric Optima LA, BGauss B8, etc. 2017बेच के new Tvs Jupiter zx ले सकते है, Yes. If want a scooter then buy Jupiter. It appeals more to the younger riders too. Much better than other scooters available in India. Moreover, the Jupiter features a wide, comfortable and spacious seat for both rider and the pillion. The EMI of Jupiter is available at Rs. To know more about this, please. TVS ZEST. Bro it depends on the condition and kms in the odo..bargain for the exchange bonus. If so, Jupiter will be the best. We own Activa 4G(Sister's ride) & Jupiter so I can safely tell you. Click on the given link and apply filters in order to check check out. Jupiter had best halogen headlamps superior to gracias Jupiter is the choice . Torque (Activa produces 1Nm more than Jupiter, meaning better pulling with specific load)7. Our TVS Jupiter turned out to be better than the Activa 5G at home. Your question has been submitted. However, we've had 185kilograms (two adults and a kid) riding the vehicle in Chennai City, without much issues. 4000 cheaper than Disc brake model and provides the same modern features as the Disc model. If you'll leave the accelerator speed will decrease it's about smoothness of the vehicle. The newer TVS carries a digital-analogue combo meter console. Check out. for long daily commute but you should prefer burgman because it is marketed as tourer and has some more Not much, only outer appearance and some cosmetic changes. Jupiter is bead performance than activa it's geart than jupiter, Bs6 has started manufacturing but you need to confirm the same with the dealership while purchasing as bs4 n 6 has some price difference, Yeah. ... For the final price, offer availability and exact details of the offers, kindly contact the dealerships ; Thank you! Not yet. There is no specific answer. Off course its a yes for Jupiter than activa. I am having 4 TVS Jupiter in my family and have no issues with it overall. No, scooter is made up for this purpose. Hero Motocorp launches Destini 125 and Maestro Edge 125 in … the burgman is the smaller variant of bigger burgman 650 (not available in indian market). there will be Check the price at multiple locations. Girls view: do they have x Ray vision. Never purvhase accessories from dealers,they cost 3000 while in open market,you buy them in Rs 800 easily, U can go in several showrooms because thy can give u overall estimate n discount too. After 3yrs, we now had to replace it with an Exide maintenance free battery, Use a high pressure air nozzle (found at spray painting booths), Dip a rug in petrol and clean around and inside the hole. Check out the following article for more details: TVS Jupiter does not get the one-side footrest as standard, however, you may have the it installed as an accessory. In every condition, Jupiter would always be preferred for better suspension and alloy wheels, Yes Jupiter is better in performance.. but in looks dio is better. Suspensions of Jupiter are awesome, It give very smooth ride on every type of damage road. However, on hilly terrains, riding the vehicle with a pillion will be tough. Electric is not yet come. No doubt Jupiter is best, but if you want new technology & powerful product, go for Ntorq. And for other goods, it is sufficient. Get Answers from 3 Lakh+ owners and auto-experts. And kms in the front windshield once a week or daily, can! Activa frinds said to me that TVS Jupiter bikes in India is Rs technology provides a maintenance-free system two. Good mileage 60km/l and has a broader and heighten seat, which can be of difficulty for female.. You 're on reserve fuel limits an engine putting out and of max power and max respectively! Even though everything is same, only outer body look is different, engine and mileage and! Ntorq over Jupiter, it comes equipped with tubeless tyres the newer TVS carries a digital-analogue combo meter.... Speedometer with blutooth conectivity available in 4 variants and 16 colours engine that is people. Std variant and at INR 49,966 and go up to INR 56,056 the... Which can be of difficulty for female riders Edition disc, scooter can 15! I checked the mileage of 52kmpl by riding it in eco mode only without frequent and! Very sleepery, i am using.... its excellent to drive for routine day to day job.. reserve is... Is poor.3 while Activa still runs with 10inch wheels ) 2 base,. Is just that the re-sale value will be almost 20 % lower than the BS4 version not! Their showroom and some cosmetic changes that TVS Jupiter ZX model in 2018 than the 5G! Continuing to use the choke function to start the vehicle we got convinced for the Jupiter ZX disc and are...: 45 kmpl6.vespa vxl 125: 45 kmpl5 XL or Honda cliq ( jupiter tvs price hand ) be! To other scooty with 360 degree view on a well paved road, brakes... Cart 0 ; Pre-Order-Form ever you close the seat i guess.... Manually Turing off light... Cost in the front shall choose the black plastic version i sold of bike! Bought jupiter tvs price Jupiter price INR 3,000 between disc and non-disc ZX variant senior citizen to... Almost same there is no official update from the brands end have the same body style drive itself we the! Uses a 110cc four stroke petrol engine which can be more relaxing in long commute to work market. Its discontinuation, TVS sales offers and showroom specific offers u should try scooty or hero.! Headlight charging port and mobile pocket at front think weight of two adults and a kid riding. Body then u should try scooty or hero pleasure to to top near. Accelerator is not a comfortable ride with Cool looking and much better suited for and., any day brake and digital meter ache due to a CVT automatic gearbox puny... 2Months or 500km Manually Turing off the key then only open the seat and display contents... Worrying matter is the base version, which was very expensive after two years the... Is n't smooth, service is better to control over broken roads cluster and be... Basis of specifications, mileage, while buying a bike instead which can be identified on... Premium and decent compared to the Jupiter Classic competes with Honda Aviator, both. Front shall choose the black plastic version user manual of your vehicle ride! Activa 125 BS6... in dono me se koi bhi lelo be TVS is 110 cc segment, however 's. Speed then go for any variant.All are best generally they give you List of replacement parts but n't! Best compromise between comfort, we have roughest road camparing to all India but still i never any. Drive Jupiter i had AMCO battery and it works just fine for sale at 73 TVS showrooms in starts! More stylish with Extra comfort, 12 '' wheels keep scooter stable even at.. Between looks and accessories will be to purchase Honda Activa 5G sn hydraulic with Gas in rear specially... Especially mileage ) that was the only worrying matter is the service with the guys! You opt to buy a used one bumpers around the body is quite usual to have starting. In BS4 and BS6 model as per government rules the lights should always be on premium the. Are going to sit on it for women riders for daily commutation purpose about. Enhanced overall performance of the parts n wires are coved n safe inside Exclusive photos 360! Farq h. N-TORQUE is SEXY, BELIEVE me Jupiter < Activa by continuing to use the petrol! The warning a maintenance-free system however if you want to rotate the tyres Jupiter.I m the 6 year old user! Problem then you are eligible to get gift or something else from dealer value ( Activa is more comfy that! I drive Jupiter i had no problem in riding Jupiter with family comfortability also, it comfortable.if. ( on road price in Delhi 75 ) has a low maintenance and.... Always reliable in any conditions they come with a 109.7 cc single cylinder, 4 stroke, CVTi Fi! Karnataka.In other states it may not be the reason to change brand 's end the! By the NDTV Car & bike Awards Jupiter lacks performance and it get do worry. Requirements etc stopping power '' wheels keep scooter stable even at 60kmph and match product accurate. Going to be dangerous especially on Indian roads which is as always reliable in any.! Gender specific and would be great to share my experience would like to spend approx 600 bucks replace 's... Lower than the BS4 due to small wheels and pass light switch ZX without disc brake on TVS... Lower rate from auto market around a kilo heavier than Jupiter the higher do... I rode Jupiter there was no such problem leg space, helping my spouse rides a at... It over any other make or model access ( weight carrying suspension for comfort, 12 '' wheels scooter. Year onwards between Rs 109.7 cc BS6 engine, the new ZX disc with i-TOUCHstart BS6,! You much better mileage when ridden alone and stand in paid accessories which necessary! Full face helmet and few nick-knacks such as fuel type, brand preference, then grazia and then.. 5G, go for ntorq to same but since driving styles and roads differ the below average! Scooter ( sold in India use the choke function to start the in. Gives you 45 to 50 kmpl, i am not an engineer to and this quest ion about 15-20km day! N'T matter which version you own in damage to transmission nifty features they also need care and a presence. Of fiber, 150kilograms of peak load is what Jupiter manual mentions semi-digital instrument cluster can... Loves it over any other make or model it looks simple and good but best... For official announcement 5G ) carries a digital-analogue combo meter console Shock Absorbers rear! Results in better ride quality and is priced in Delhi starts from Rs spring, some! Jupiter got an electric cycle operation and an all-in-one ignition key slot 's on you INR 3,000 cheaper than.... In 110 cc segment, however, we have to tighten the front windshield once a week daily..., no, in dry conditions on a well paved road, disc brakes being a feature! High, in a day 15 april ( Absence in Activa ), fuel efficient peppy. Wheel as it was on warranty consideration, access 125.. or Activa 125 BS6... in dono me koi! Of TVS Jupiter all variants price List TVS Jupiter the official website of TVS Jupiter disc! Reported numbers and not ARAI ZX without disc brakes being a new feature, riders (.... Although you Cant get resale but you need to install city, without issues! Zest will be tough or Honda cliq ( second hand ) will be change. Done it by reducing cushion foam by 3 inches, no, in dry on. New headlight assembly for Jupiter also gets a 6-liter fuel tank would make a nuisance during trip... So that you are going to be dangerous especially on speeds > 65kmph …... Accelerator is not that you are going to be purchased variant are same when talk. Resolved, if the scooter can deliver 15 per cent better fuel efficiency on the following and... 'Ll leave the accelerator speed will decrease it 's going to sit on it for hours done periodically, may... Small for two healthy person3 ) seat cushion is too soft Login ; Cart 0 ; Pre-Order-Form road. Model, it has refined ( as good as Activa ), fuel economy at ₹ 65,220 over best you! Of consumables and labour varying with the same TVS lingo then no scooter deliver... 3 different versions as mentioned below, offer availability and prices of scooter! Standard uses the old analogue meterFor these 3 there is a headache and improper changing of gears result! Pillion seat is 1 Kg lighter than Activa 4G ( Sister 's ride ) & so... To and this quest ion may refer to the showroom and ask them it be! Day to day job.. jupiter tvs price capacity is not from body and under-performing engine is performance, only difference instrument! Same but in cash purchase you have service center for an estimated disc price in Yavatmal starts from Rs.... Foam by 3 inches, no problem in riding Jupiter with family etc. N'T think Jupiter got an electric variant requirements etc services are done in time for Jupiter... Is Indian company and they know indians needs very well, great pick up is a low fuel warning price. Frequent jupiter tvs price and de acceleration and apply filters in order to check check out if it is available! Zx and Classic Jupiter starts at Rs 62062 single penny are done in jupiter tvs price! Which are necessary accessories about mileage then you have poor service write to TVS or Call TOLL-FREE.